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Winning 7 Stud Play: Playing Slot Gacor Pairs on Fourth Street

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How do you take advantage of a paired door card on fourth street?

I’ve found that the right play is not always the obvious one. Let’s look at two common scenarios that exist when you pair your door card:

You bet your Premium Pair on third street and now have trips.

You called with a three flush or straight and now have a non-Premium pair.

If you raised or completed the bring in on third street with your split pair and you had the good fortune to pair your door card, you now have Premium Trips. You have an excellent chance of winning the pot. You want to maximize the amount you will win.

Conventional poker thinking dictates slow play here. The theory is that you don’t want to be too aggressive lest you scare off all of the other players. Some experienced players and writers caution that you should bet the lower tier amount (you have the option of either the lower amount or the higher amount with a paired door card) or check on this street to avoid having everyone fold to your trips. They conclude that you want to win a large pot on the River, not just a small pot on fourth street.

I sometimes follow that advice. If I am playing against the truly clueless or with a maniac who bets just about everything I might just check here. Generally speaking, however, when I make Premium trips on fourth street (in the low and middle limit Stud games I play in), I make a full bet.

It’s certainly true that everyone else may fold if you bet the complete amount. But, on balance, that risk is worth the potential reward which generally seems to accrue from the more aggressive bet.

In the typical low and mid limit game that I play in, players will often make this bet when they don’t have trips. And since it’s made frequently by players who DON’T have trips, players who would fold against trips will often call against a paired Premium door card. My opponents expect the higher tier bet, trips or not. So I want to take advantage of these expectations.

The typical early aggression, bluffing and semi-bluffing (or just over betting) in these low and mid limits is also accompanied by a fair amount of disbelief and calling. NOT betting this hand, or betting the lower tier amount, would raise more questions and doubts than the full bet. By betting at the lower tier amount, and raising these questions, I might actually slow down or stop their betting action as the hand progresses.

So, typically, when I bet with the Premium Pair, I am often called by at least one and sometimes two, three or four other players who think that I’m misrepresenting my Slot Gacor┬áhand (or who don’t have the sophistication to suspect that I probably have trips). This is advantageous for two reasons. The pot I am the favorite to win is made larger …