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Smart poker players know that they have to play the other players, not the cards, and Doyle Brunson, at 69, is probably the smartest poker player there is. A two-time winner of the World Series of Poker, Brunson literally wrote the book: His Super System, first published in 1979, is the bible of poker pros all over the world. More a tome than a book, its dense pages are filled with Brunson’s obsessive technical analyses of how to play the hand you’re dealt.


But watching Brunson play—as you can on the Travel Channel’s World Poker Tour (Wednesdays, 9 p.m. ET/PT, Saturdays, 2 p.m. ET)—you notice he only looks at his own cards after he’s watched the other players look at theirs. His cards aren’t going anywhere—but the reactions of his opponents will be gone in the blink of an eye. And the way a competitor’s eye blinks (or doesn’t) may be the crucial “tell” that indicates the strength of his hand and makes the difference between Brunson’s winning or losing one of the six- or seven-figure pots that quickly build.


You don’t have to be all that interested in poker to be fascinated by how the pros on World Poker Tour play—and play with—each other. They’re all smart, so they’re all watching each other watch each other and then some, navigating and manipulating the Heisenbergian uncertainty of it all. If you can’t imagine making any kind of intelligent decision in such a dizzying situation, let alone one with massive amounts of money at stake—well, now you know why you’re not a world-class, high-stakes professional poker player.


World Poker Tour’s two-hour episodes focus on the final rounds of tournaments held in casinos in locales ranging from the expected—Vegas, Reno—to the exotic—Paris, Costa Rica, Aruba. (Hence the Travel Channel tie-in.) The game played on the World Poker Tour is “No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em.” A variation on seven-card stud, it distills poker to its essential elements of bluffing and psychological aggression. Players are dealt two cards, face-down (which hidden cameras allow us to see); the rest of their hands are drawn from up to five “community cards” dealt face-up in the middle of the table. All the players can use these cards to build their best five-card hand. Because there is so much overlap among the cards, differences among the hands tend to be small. Hence the importance of big bluffs backed by big bets to bully other players off the table fast.


Poker matches at this level can go on for hours and days, with long stretches of monotony punctuated by sudden bursts of game-altering action. But skillful editing on World Poker Tour keeps the pace brisk, and up-close-and-personal segments humanize the players. The play-by-play of Mike Sexton and the color commentary of “Hollywood Home Game Master” Vincent Van Patten can swerve in an instant from giddy enthusiasm (think Fred Willard in Best in Show) to hushed solemnity (think Bill Murray in Caddyshack). But they …

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Guavita Menjadi Betting Terpercaya

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Agen Sportsbook memberikan informasi tentang Guavita Menjadi Betting Terpercaya. Mungkin anda pernah mendengar tentang Guavita. Guavita merupakan salah satu jenis permainan judi online yang memberikan banyak bonus bagi para membernya. Guavita sudah menjamur dimasyarakat luas. Judi online yang aman dan nyaman memang ketika kita bermain secara online. Semua bisa terjamin dan kenyamanan tidak akan dikecewakan. Agent betting online pun selalu mengutamakan kepentingan para membernya. Sehingga bila ada masalah, mereka akan selalu siap sedia dalam membantu para membernya.


Guavita mungkin adalah hanya sebagian dari sekian ratus bahkan bisa jadi ribuan situs betting via situs judi yang dapat kamu cari dari website. Sebenarnya, situs itu adalah salah satu situs betting di website yang terkenal. Semacam seharusnya agen betting professional yang dapat Anda temui pada Las Vegas, kamu dapat memperolehnya dengan tanpa kesukaran dalam web ini. Mengapa ? Karena mereka semua benar-benar melayanimu bersama mutu internasional dan bahkan serta permainan-permainan yang berstatus internasional yang bisa dapat kita jumpai di Las Vegas semacam baccarat, roulette, bersama blackjack. Selain itu, tersedia pula pertandingan kasino lain yang dibuka oleh guavita.


Guavita bukanlah ajang yang salah untuk memutar danamu. Sangat banyak orang yang mempercayai kalau web tersebut benar-benar membantu dalam menyertai kliennya. Saat Sewaktu mereka melepas si klien terombang-ambing tanpa tujuan, web itu bahkan mengadakan tempat agar saling berbagi info diantara bettor. Tanya jawab di website ini diselenggarakan terbuka serta kamu juga dapat membicarakan apa pun, juga informasi terbaru tentang judi via internet dengan strategi-strateginya. Semua tersebut akan kamu dapatkan kalau bergabung kepada situs betting ini, kemudian mengapa kamu tidak mengetahui dengan makin dekat guavita?


Judi Online Menjadi Jalan Keluar Terbaik


Agen Sportsbook membahas soal Judi Online  poker online Menjadi Jalan Keluar Terbaik. Bagi anda yang hobi dnegan judi, anda tidak usah minder dengan hobi anda tersebut. Karena permainan yang satu ini sudah menjadi hal yang bukan dianggap tabu dimasyarakat kita. Dengan bermain judi online bisa menambah keuangan kita. Selain seru permainannya, kita bisa berinteraksi dengan banyak orang hanya lewat layar kaya. Karena anda akan merasa lebih aman dan nyaman jika bermain judi online. Mengamati kegiatan mereka yang sangat menyita waktu, semua orang saat ini mengandalkan teknologi agar selalu bisa melakukan taruhan bola. Judi bola online yaitu jalan yang paling baik yang diberikan untuk mereka. Judi online tidak sulit untuk dijalankan.


Setiap orang hanya butuh menaruh berapa jumlah taruhan dengan skuad mana yang akan mereka pegang. Tidak terlalu beda dengan betting berhadapan langsung. Bahkan di judi memakai sarana situs judi online, publik berhasil mengaksesnya dimanapun berada, bila mereka meraih kemenangan, pastinya omset akan makin besar. Tentunya tidak ada satu pun yang mau kalah, jadi masyarakat membutuhkan tips-tips manjur untuk melakukan taruhan online sebelum setiap orang mengawalinya


Anda dapat menganalisa dari tulisan yang mendatanginya demi menganalisa apakah situs judi online tersebut bisa dipercaya dapat dipilih atau tidak. Kamu hanya perlu bergabung agar kemudian diberikan Id dan password yang akan berfungsi untuk log in dan deposit taruhan anda, memilih tim kesenangan anda, juga mulai bermain. Jadi apapun kendalanya, judi online pasti akan …

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Richard Segal’s resignation puts Part Gaming to intense Online Gambling scrutiny

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Any position at the helm of a FTSE 100 company can be described as a pressure-cooker environment, so in one sense at least there was nothing out of the ordinary about Richard Segal’s premature departure from the post of chief executive at PartyGaming.

Almost by their very nature, the top jobs at large listed entities tend to be short-held positions. Under the microscope on a daily basis and having to answer to shareholders, bondholders, bankers, employees and the rest, it is perhaps no surprise that blue-chip tenures can often be of the ‘blink and you miss it’ variety.


18 months is a lifetime

Yet, even looked at through the short-termist prism of the markets, the brevity of Segal’s time at the helm is worthy of comment. His 18 months in charge saw him steer the company to flotation and netted him in return a salary of £585,000, (US$1m) the equivalent payoff, and 40 million share options either already cashed in or still waiting to be off-loaded.


A decent tally by any reckoning, and with more in the pipeline (Segal is thought to have renounced a further options package worth nearly £20m), it has caused many to comment there must be more to his departure than the stated ‘family reasons’.


Segal may have told the newspapers they were “barking up the wrong tree” by suggesting he might have been forced out, but it didn’t stop the speculation.


In comparison to the usual reasons for a FTSE chief to fall on their sword, it is events rather than a failure to deliver raw numbers that have contributed to Segal’s premature exit. As with the old Chinese curse, Richard Segal’s time at the helm of PartyGaming has been interesting. In barely nine months of life as a listed entity, the company’s shares have been through the kind of upheavals that it takes other listed companies years to achieve.


As the timeline below suggests, the claims from Segal it was the prospect of having to move lock, stock and barrel to Gibraltar should be taken with a pinch of ‘Rock’ salt.


At heart, Segal’s task at Online Gambling was trickier than most jobs at listed entities due to three specific factors. These are the remaining large shareholdings of founders Ruth Parasol (31.4%), Anurag Dikshit (30.3%) and Vikrant Bhargava (8.6%). Nobody likes a back-seat driver, and industry rumour has it that at Party the three founders are still very much involved in the direction of the business.


It is this factor that makes the top job at Party somewhat unique. Every chief executive must answer to the shareholders. But when the shareholders are also the founders (and in at least one instance sitting in their own office down the hall), it makes the task of being your own man just that little bit harder.

Neither should the volatility of the sector generally be discounted as a contributory factor. As a young industry focused wholly on gambling, …

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No Cheri Casino Showdowns

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It has been said that at cash poker games you should take time out after serious changes occur. These changes could have come in the form of a pot so large that it elevates the level of the game play, a rock getting caught in a huge and outright bluff, or a maniac winning a string of bets with pure blind luck.


The reasoning behind the new found Cheri Casino polarization is as follows: the odds no longer hold, style no longer holds, the sky is falling. People are unsettled and instead of curling up into a fettle position they do the poker equivalent – they revert to their natural state, be it ultra aggressive or super conservative. This of course applies both to Live and Internet poker .


Now the more players are taken out, or neutralized by losing a large amount of their stack, the better. This is good because the game doesn’t technically become shorthanded. You could still have 8 or 9 people but the hands are going to be over more quickly, there is way less deliberation taking place. The new speed is also important because this environment is not going to last forever, maybe 10 hands; 15 at a 5 or 6 person table. What you want to do here is play the opposite game of each of the people at the table and try to be involved in as many hands as you can justify. We are talking of about 80% of the hands, the other 20% percent is where you are dealt 27 off suite and somebody in front of you goes all in with a larger stack than you. Honestly you should barely look at your cards during this period.


It will play out like this. Those that are now afraid of having their stacks raided are just looking for excuses to fold. You are going to be their muse. Ideally you are going to start betting double what had been considered the pre-flop norm. This will ensure that they are only calling you with hands that they believe are going to score them a home run. They are not going to try anything fancy, no check raises, no semi-bluffs just hitting cards and pushing poker chips. Of course you know that any card that comes which doesn’t move Cheri Casino to push all in means that you have won. So if you are in position and they check – bet about the size of the pot. If they don’t raise all in and they just call you are going to need to bet pot again on the turn. Remember these players want to be fold. They need to be folded because right now they are all convinced that anybody betting a lot has to have hit something and will be rewarded with their stack.




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Baseball star gives back via poker with Free Sports Picks

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For years, the celebrity golf tournament has been a staple way for sports stars to raise money for charity, and give a little back.

Now, Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cory Lidle has found a way to bring together his passion for poker, and give back to those less fortunate than him. Lidle, who led the National League in shutouts in 2004, has started a poker tournament. The Cory Lidle Celebrity Poker tournament will take place at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 13th. Proceeds from this $1,000 buy in event go to the Make a Wish Foundation, and toward the massive need in Southeast Asia to help the victims of the recent tsunami.

Many celebrities from the world of sport, television, and film will be on hand at the Hard Rock for this fun event. Participating celebrities include baseball players Eric Gagne, Eric Chavez, Bret Saberhagen and Randy Wolf. In addition, celebrities like William “The Fridge” Perry, former Laker Rick Fox, and Lou Diamond Phillips will attend.

Recently, I spoke with Lidle at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles about poker and Free Sports Picks, charity, and the similarities and differences between being on the mound, and being on the button.

Pokernews: Where did the idea for the Cory Lidle Celebrity Poker Tournament come from?

Lidle: I came up with the idea around the all-star break last year. I had been to lots of celebrity golf tournaments, and this seemed like a really good option. Instead of four people per celebrity [like you would have in a charity golf tournament], you get nine people per celebrity, so it’s an optimum way to generate a lot of money.”

PN: How did you get involved with the Make a Wish Foundation?

Lidle: I got involved with the Make a Wish Foundation when Tim Hudson [Lidle’s teammate when both were with the Oakland A’s] had a golf tournament, and he had a couple Make a Wish kids there. When you see those kids, you get a new and different kind of appreciation for where this money goes.”

PN: I assume Las Vegas was your first choice of where to have the tournament?

Lidle: “Everyone’s always looking for an excuse to get to Vegas, and I felt this was a good one. Also, I think it’s a good way for people to see we actually care more than just making money playing the game, and we give back to the community when we can”

PN: So, let’s talk about your game. How long have you been playing poker, and how often do you play?

Lidle: “I started playing a year ago. Right now, I’m playing about four days a week. Whether it’s an inexpensive tournament, or a $100 buy in no limit game, I stay cheap with it. I like the being at the table, and having the competition”

PN: With all the travel and waiting that comes with being a major league ballplayer, do you get a lot of …

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Poker FaceTogel Hongkong

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While most players Togel Hongkong are just into the game for some fun with their friends or family, some parents are having a hard time teaching their kids the value of money when millions of dollars might be won or lost on an average televised event. One parent asked ABC News, “How can I teach [my son] to earn his allowance of $10 per week when he sees people betting tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars?”


The idea that poker, or gambling in general, is a “get rich quick” game might truly be a myth, according to Jackie Lapin, media relations coordinator for the World Poker Tour. “One lesson to be learned in poker is hard work,” she said. “The guys at the top of this game work very hard. They read all the books and study the opposition. They are always, always learning. The people that we deal with are people who have Togel Hongkong done well, and it’s because they’re very serious students. It’s like anything else. If you work hard and practice long enough, you will get better.”


With so many young people spending time on the Internet in their free time, it makes sense that online poker is especially popular. Many sites offer players free credits to play against people all over the world. The last two World Series of Poker winners have qualified online. In fact, most big poker events like the World Series have seen dramatic increase in numbers of players who have qualified online, sometimes for no money at all. Because some players buy their way into the big events for fees of up to $10,000, Togel Hongkong this is an appealing option, especially for new players.


Vikrant Bhargava, general manager of, one of the Internet’s most popular and well advertised poker sites, says that online poker has grown almost 15 times bigger in the past 18 months. At any given time, hosts about 65,000 players simultaneously. “The market has just exploded with people becoming less shy about playing poker with others outside of their close friends circle,” Bhargava says.


Ideally, youth and teens getting into poker only play for fun, or they understand the value of hard work and skill in the game. Some parents see poker as something better for their kids to get into than drugs or alcohol. The World Poker Tour hopes that its younger fans will play the games with their families as a bonding activity and will be launching a family-oriented page on their Web site ( within a month.


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Free Online Casino Extra Poker Tools

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Poker tools can be a valuable addition to any poker player’s arsenal. There are a variety of free tools available and this article will examine the different types available to assist players. The most commonly used poker tools are hand history databases, computer playing programs, online poker assistants and online poker tools.


Hand History Databases


Most online poker rooms offer players the ability to download the histories of the hands that they have participated in. These hand histories are in a text format and while it is possible for a player to scan and analyse a single hand, it quickly becomes difficult and tiresome for multiple hands. Hand history databases offer the features like win rate calculations, opponent analysis, hand replay, analysis by position and much more. The most popular poker tools of this type include “Poker Tracker” and “Poker Office”.


Computer Playing Programs


Programming computers to play a strong game of poker is extremely difficult and it is only recently that they have become about the same strength as an above average player. Compare this to games such as chess and backgammon, where computers have now surpassed all but the strongest humans. These programs allow players to Casino Extra practice and improve their play without having any money at risk. Most also offer advice and the ability to setup and analyse certain situations. The strongest playing poker programs available to purchase are “Poker Academy” and Turbo series of programs produced by Wilson Software.


Free online Poker Assistants


With the explosion in popularity of online poker, much software has been developed to assist players while they are playing. There are a couple of what are termed “bots” that make all of the decisions for a player but these are not very strong and if discovered using one of these programs a player can be banned and lose the money in their online poker room account. Other types of software that are also available are programs that overlay tables with statistics summarising hand odds as well as the playing style of other Casino Extra players (for example listing how often a certain player raises, calls or folds) in real time. Examples of these online poker assistants are “Pokerbility” and “PokerAce HUD”.


Online Poker Tools


There are a number of web sites that provide free online poker tools to their visitors. Some of the tools available are odds calculators which analyse the probabilities for games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Seven Card Stud poker, and tournament equity calculators. Whilst they may not directly assist a player while they are playing they are great at improving a player’s knowledge which then can later be applied at the table. Websites with a variety of useful online poker tools include “” and “”.




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New Invention For Casino Cbet Texas Hold’Em

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Sometimes opportunities stare everyone in the face, but no one really notices. Well, 3zilla, LLC, noticed and created the Button Timer(tm). This device looks like the dealer button that is passed around in amateur/ home games of Texas Hold’Em to remind everyone who the dealer was in a given round. (Obviously, this isn’t necessary in a casino game, as a dealer is present.) The Button Timer takes the role of the poker “button” one step forward by adding a timer The idea is to allow players to set the number of minutes per round, upon which time the device will “beep loudly”.


While I wish the 3zilla entrepreneurs good luck, I can’t see why anyone would bother with a timer, at least in home games. It’s not necessary for professional games, so that leaves amateur games. Home games are typically laid back affairs with buddies. You joke and laugh and swig beer and eat pizza between betting. A timer would just make everything so damn serious. This is Texas Holdem, not chess.


Now if someone came up with a Casino Cbet Texas Hold’Em calculator that showed you your odds of winning a given preflop hand, and managed to make it look like a watch or bracelet, that’d be something. Only question is, would it be legal? I mean, not everyone can be a human calculator.



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Keluaran Data hk machines strategy

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Regardless of the fact that this article is called “Slots Machines Strategy” I’d like to remind you that Data hkslots are purely the game of chance, thereby no useful strategy has ever existed and could exist in the world. Here I want to give you some advice or some rules to follow in order not to go broke while playing slots machines.


First of all make a research and find a slot machine with more than a 95% payback. It is necessary to know the odds of the machine you are playing. You must know your chances to win. Once you have found such a machine or machines you may try them out in a fun play mode. Don’t sit down at an unknown game, it may prove to be tight.


Before starting to spend your hardly-earned Data hkmoney, find the slot that suits your bankroll. There is a huge choice of them ranging from $0.01 to $100 and even more. Don’t overrate yourself.


One of the crucial things you must do is to set your bankroll limit, namely decide how much money you can lose. As soon as the limit has been reached, you must stop playing.


You can also set the time limit and leave the game when it is over. Don’t play fast, distract from the game from time to time. If you play without breaks you play fast and lose a lot of money without noticing this.


If you are on a lucky streak, make use of it and wager more. If you are losing, bet less. If you see that you have not been winning on the slot for a long time give it up. It is not your day! You cannot win all the time. Remember the total amount of the money spent does not influence on the chances of winning.


My advice is: Avoid progressives. They are the type of slots with very little payback. But if you set your heart on playing progressive slots then always read the rules. Most progressives require the maximum number of coins to qualify for the jackpot.


If you have managed to win quite a big jackpot take you win and leave the game. If you still want to continue, cut your winning to your set limit and do not exceed it.


You can join the casino club to earn comps and take part in other beneficial promotions such as bonuses, freebies and tournaments.


Furthermore, Data hk slots should bring fun and entertainment. If you are very nervous or frustrated, you’d better walk away.


Mybookie promo code

Bonuses offered by various sports betting platforms

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Immense competition in online sports betting platforms has led these platforms to adopt several tactics to attract new customers. One of the most used tactics used by almost every platform is bonuses, promo codes, and promo codes as Mybookie promo codes, enhancing the beauty of online betting platforms. Several bookers make a considerable difference in the competition by offering these bonuses, but it can benefit the players who consider betting on that platforms.

Several bonuses that are offered by online sports betting are

Welcome bonus- it is one of the most offered bonuses by almost every online betting platform in the industry. To accommodate you impressively, these betting platforms offer you some sort of prizes. The concept of this bonus is pretty simple is that when you make your first deposit on a particular platform, that platform will offer you this welcome bonus. The welcome bonus can as big that might exceed your imagination,

  • Refer a friend bonus– the notion of this bonus is pretty simple and is the only bonus that can simultaneously benefit two people. Once you refer a friend, then the rest of the task is on him you have nothing left to do. When your friend will register on a particular platform that you have referred to and makes his first deposit, you can avail yourself of that bonus which means you can bet on any sport without even investing real money.
  • Star jackpot- have you ever heard of applications that offer you tiny daily to complete? In return for that, they pay you money. The star jackpot concept is similar to those apps; you need to complete some daily tasks to avail this jackpot. The lessons are straightforward and exciting to do; sometimes, people enjoy doing them more than betting. However, it also includes promo codes like the Mybookie promo code.
  • Loyalty bonus– the concept of this bonus is pretty simple that the more loyal you are with a particular platform, the more bonus you will get, which will benefit you in the future. This is one of the best tactics offered by these sports betting media to attract new customers every day, and the amount of bonus may vary from platform to platform.


Bonus is just like the cherry on the cake; however, just keep one thing in mind that new platforms offer huge bonuses compared to those who have already conquered the game. So what are you waiting for? Register on any platform and avail of these bonuses…