$17 million paid out in Microgaming Ligaz11 Jackpots!!

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Microgaming Jackpot Network Portal’s $17 Million Jackpot Payout Shatters World Records


Microgaming has announced that Jackpot Madness, the Microgaming Jackpot Network portal (, has exceeded a record-breaking $17,000,000 in total jackpot payouts. This exclusive milestone firmly establishes Jackpot Madness as the world’s number one online jackpot destination.


The portal features 5 progressive slots games, the oldest and most popular being Cash Splash. Introduced in October 1998, Cash Splash is a three-reel, three-coin single-line progressive slot machine connected to numerous casinos using the company’s proprietary software. The game’s popularity has grown rapidly in two years and is now available at more than 50 online casinos. Two additional progressive games, “Wowpot,” another three-reel, three-coin, single-line progressive slot and “Lotsaloot,” a three-reel, three-coin, five-line progressive slot game, were added last April. These were followed in August by two more games: “Supajax,” a video poker progressive and “Fruit Fiesta,” a three-reel, three-coin, three-line progressive slot. With thousands of people playing simultaneously across the entire Microgaming Jackpot Network, massive progressive jackpots are won on a daily basis.


The site keeps a running real-time jackpot counter for inquiring gamers, as well as links to Ligaz11 casinos offering Microgaming’s progressive games. It also features a casino search page where players can select a casino based upon their favorite jackpot game, current jackpot values or the price of placing a jackpot-enabled bet. Winner interviews are also featured on the site, as well as details about how much money has been won during the month as well as the total Jackpot Madness money paid.


A total of 580 lucky winners have shared in the $17,000,000 jackpot bonanza. The landmark win that pushed Jackpot Madness over the $17 million point was a $20,625.06 jackpot won by Patricia M. at The River Belle Casino December 16.


More than 55 players hit super jackpots in November alone, breaking all previously-held monthly payout records and totaling nearly 2 million dollars. December guarantees to be another exceptional month, with more than $1 million paid out in the first half of the month week already.

“ As anticipated, is hugely successful and drawing vast numbers of players to the over 60 casinos connected to the portal.” said Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems. “With over $16,000,000 in jackpot payouts in a relatively short period of time, the popularity of the site has exceeded all of our expectations.”

About Microgaming Systems:

Microgaming Systems ( is the leading developer of online casino systems and the developer of a majority of the Internet’s most popular casinos. The company provides some of the most sophisticated security technology and fraud control tracking of any e-commerce site and is fast becoming the industry pace-setter in enabling technology for security, marketing and large scale e-commerce trade. Microgaming Systems is also a founding member of the Interactive Gaming Council, an industry self-regulatory body.

For more information, please contact: Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems.



If it’s gift-wrapped, the Reds don’t want Bandar Togel Singapore

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Urawa Reds manager Holger Osieck remains optimistic about his side’s chances of advancing to the semifinals of the Asian Champions League despite losing hold of a stranglehold on the home-and-away quarterfinal clash against Jeonbuk Motors on Wednesday night.

The Reds outclassed the reigning ACL champions from start to finish and were up 2-0 heading into the waning moments of the match at Saitama Stadium when Jeonbuk defender Choi Jin-cheul blazed home through a maze of players to take the glean off a terrific showing by the home side.


Since away goals count as double in the event of a stalemate, Choi’s last-gasp strike throws the rematch on Sept. 26 in South Korea wide open.


The ever-pragmatic Osieck, however, said he was far from disappointed with the way things transpired on Wednesday.

“First of all it’s about winning, and we did that,” the German said. “And secondly, if (Jeonbuk) want to progress they have to beat us. So therefore my impression is that we can be confident. Not arrogant, but confident.

“I don’t think our Bandar Togel Singapore players will be arrogant. They will be focused 100 percent. And from what I saw (Wednesday), I think that yes, we can manage it.”


A tireless Tatsuya Tanaka stole the show for the Reds, helping set up Makoto Hasebe’s opener four minutes in before scoring the eventual game-winner in the 59th.

He was unlucky not to have scored

two or three more as the Jeonbuk defense took the night off, but some nice saves from goalkeeper Sung Kyung-il and a fair dose of good luck prevented a blowout.


“We played good football. We have some decent stuff,” Osieck said of his team, which came off a comfortable 4-2 win over Sanfrecce Hiroshima on Saturday to open up a four-point lead at the top of the J.League table. “Sometimes we pushed forward and sometimes we slowed the pace down and that is the type of rhythm that I like to see. And that is what my players can do.”

The Reds have a league clash this weekend against the Yokohama F. Marinos before flying to South Korea for the rematch on Wednesday.

That the road game against the defending champs in one of the most important matches in the history of the Reds organization hardly fazes Osieck, however. In fact, he appears to relish the challenge that awaits his charges.

“For me it doesn’t matter if we play home or away, I want to see the same kind of football from my team. We can do it on the road and we can do it at home,” he said. “First and foremost we have to win. We have to be switched on from the start to the finish.

“I think that with our potential and our self-confidence right now that we shouldn’t be worried. We’ll go there with our heads up and fully focused.”


Needing only a scoreless draw to advance, the question begged to be asked: …

Bandar Poker Qq

Learning from their Bandar Poker Qq mistakes

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Australia’s football hierarchy has reacted to its clubs flagging performances on Asian soil during the Champions League by scrapping plans for a Brisbane-based get-together before the Asian Cup finals in favour of an acclimatisation training camp in Singapore.


“The camp in Singapore will give us a good indication of what to expect at the Asian Cup,” declared Socceroos coach Graham Arnold last week. “Acclimatisation will be a key to success at the tournament so training and playing in Singapore will get us in good shape for the conditions that we will face for the tournament.”


Welcome news indeed, and proof of the gravity with which Football Federation Australia is holding the Socceroos’ maiden venture into Asian competition.


Over the past couple of months we’ve seen how the Australian clubs in the ACL have been caught with their trousers around their ankles by supposedly inferior opponents, particularly in tired-looking second-half displays by Adelaide in Bandar Poker Qq Vietnam and Sydney in Indonesia.


Sure, a lack of regular match action has some claims, but the A-League sides have comfortably proven that simply turning up a few days beforehand and expecting to roll over the opposition is a theory fast losing credibility down under.


As Arnold added in a far-ranging interview with the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend, “They’re 50 per cent better at home, so when we go to these types of nations we have to make sure we have a minimum of a week to prepare properly, otherwise we’ll get ourselves into trouble.” A little tactless perhaps, but spot on.


Of course, the climatic conundrum is effectively multiplied for Arnold. Not only is Australia, geographically, not even in Asia, the basis of his Asian Cup squad will come from the English Premiership, a league played across the northern winter save for a few months of relative sunshine at its beginning and end. Derby days in Liverpool and London aren’t exactly the ideal preparation for an Asian Cup opener against Oman in Bangkok.


Then there’s Australia’s glaring lack of experience playing in the types of conditions you can expect in Thailand in July. The Socceroos have played just three matches on Asian soil since joining the AFC 16 months ago with only four players – Scott McDonald, Michael Beauchamp, Luke Wilkshire and Brett Holman, not exactly what you’d call the big guns – involved in all three of the away trips to Kuwait City, Manama and Guangzhou.


Worryingly for Arnold, the list of those who haven’t been involved in any of the three trips, for a variety of reasons, includes World Cup stars Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell and Craig Moore.


Cahill, Kennedy, Kewell and Moore are the quartet giving Arnold most headaches with just 10 weeks until Australia’s cup opener. All four are rated by Arnold as a major concern with the coach now openly saying that if any of them make it, it will be …

Data hk

Keluaran Data hk machines strategy

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Regardless of the fact that this article is called “Slots Machines Strategy” I’d like to remind you that Data hkslots are purely the game of chance, thereby no useful strategy has ever existed and could exist in the world. Here I want to give you some advice or some rules to follow in order not to go broke while playing slots machines.


First of all make a research and find a slot machine with more than a 95% payback. It is necessary to know the odds of the machine you are playing. You must know your chances to win. Once you have found such a machine or machines you may try them out in a fun play mode. Don’t sit down at an unknown game, it may prove to be tight.


Before starting to spend your hardly-earned Data hkmoney, find the slot that suits your bankroll. There is a huge choice of them ranging from $0.01 to $100 and even more. Don’t overrate yourself.


One of the crucial things you must do is to set your bankroll limit, namely decide how much money you can lose. As soon as the limit has been reached, you must stop playing.


You can also set the time limit and leave the game when it is over. Don’t play fast, distract from the game from time to time. If you play without breaks you play fast and lose a lot of money without noticing this.


If you are on a lucky streak, make use of it and wager more. If you are losing, bet less. If you see that you have not been winning on the slot for a long time give it up. It is not your day! You cannot win all the time. Remember the total amount of the money spent does not influence on the chances of winning.


My advice is: Avoid progressives. They are the type of slots with very little payback. But if you set your heart on playing progressive slots then always read the rules. Most progressives require the maximum number of coins to qualify for the jackpot.


If you have managed to win quite a big jackpot take you win and leave the game. If you still want to continue, cut your winning to your set limit and do not exceed it.


You can join the casino club to earn comps and take part in other beneficial promotions such as bonuses, freebies and tournaments.


Furthermore, Data hk slots should bring fun and entertainment. If you are very nervous or frustrated, you’d better walk away.


Akku Rasenmäher Test

Gas Vs. Electric Mowers: The 7 Biggest Differences Akku Rasenmäher Test

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If you still feel it’s essential to cut your moist grass, stroll throughout the grass. Do not neglect side discharge, as it can be found in convenient when attempting to trim thicker spots of the lawn. Similar to many electrical lawnmowers, the battery will certainly drain pipes much faster when trimming thicker turf, so maintain that in mind, or you can discover on your own out of power far more promptly than you might have anticipated. Similar to with a mobile phone or laptop battery, a slow-moving fee is best for a low, considerable fee on a riding lawn mower battery. The smaller sized battery takes an hr to the bill while the bigger one takes 2. Mentioning reducing settings, the lawnmower provides two reducing alternatives: mulching and also bagging. The lawnmower provides the three common reducing choices: mulching, side, as well as bagging discharge. Brushless electric motors are quieter than conventional lawnmowers, also, and also the maker asserts that the Greenworks PRO makes 50 percent much less sound than a gas-powered electric motor.

The CLM-58V4AH has a 58V brushless electric motor Akku Rasenmäher Test. The brushless electric motor additionally gives raised runtime, longevity, and also power. It includes quickly one of the most powerful electric motors on our listing as well as will not be intimidated by any type of spots of thick lawn, despite exactly how high or hard they are. The ECHO CLM-58V4AH might have one of the most powerful electric motors on our checklist, however, is that sufficient to warrant the title of the most effective cordless grass mower? The CLM-58V4AH is additionally the biggest lawnmower on our listing. The lawnmower includes automated battery switchover, which removes the downtime typically related to hand-operated battery changing. Also, if you purchase an effective, high volt lawn mower without a great variety of amp, your battery will certainly stop working on using functional efficiency for lengthy hrs. The battery will offer you about forty-five mins of mowing time when fully billed. Once both batteries are completely billed, you must quickly stand up to seventy mins of cutting time.

This design comes total with two 40v 2Ah batteries as well as a battery charger. The batteries are lithium-ion, which indicates you do not need to handle ‘memory issues.’ Old-fashioned battery lawn mowers required to be diminished before being reenergized, yet you do not need to stress over that with these batteries. Protected by PIN code, the lawnmower remains at its area being shielded versus unapproved access. Program your lawnmower as well as offer it much more, reducing adaptability. The 20-inch reducing deck of this grass mower permits you to complete your mowing job efficiently. The lawnmower has a 20-inch reducing deck, making it ideal for tiny to medium-sized yards. This equipment is developed to take care of debris-free and also rather flat backyards, so it is excellent for smaller sized domestic yards. Easy to take care of: with just five extra pounds of weight, this weed eater is …

Gamma Ray Bursts

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Described as the most destructive force in the Universe, Gamma Ray Bursts are only a recent discovery.

However it quickly became apparent that GRB’s carry with them the power to vaporise everything within hundreds of light years.

Imagine an explosion so fierce and intense that it carries with it the power to destroy everything in its path for hundreds if not thousands of light years away. No this isn’t the realms of science fiction but the amazing world of Gamma Ray Bursts.

Astonishing discovery.

Gamma Ray Bursts, or GRBs as they are otherwise known were first detected during the late 1960’s. US monitoring equipment on a space satellite set up to detect Soviet nuclear weapons testing began to notice intense gamma ray bursts that were hard to explain.

For a long time it also proved impossible to determine the origin of these bursts. Then in the last decade of the 20th century astronomers made the astonishing discovery that these phenomenal bursts of radiation emanated from the observable extremities of the known Universe.

Nothing rare.

Dramatic though the discovery of Gamma Ray bursts was, there is nothing particularly rare about them since they were, and continue to be spotted at a rate of around one a day. But what were these bursts? They were obviously some form of intense radiation coming from an unimaginably distant location but how could they be explained?

Very quickly astronomers began to surmise that GRBs were exploding stars. These are usually known as supernovas but GRBs were in a whole new category and made even the tremendous force of a supernova look minuscule by comparison. Scientists have now speculated that Gamma Ray Bursts may be associated with black holes capable of releasing a fireball of energy into a high pressure jet that in turn creates the shock waves that lead to the formation of Gamma Rays.

Long and short duration.

For all their astonishing power GRBs are of extremely short duration and fall into two categories. The first involves those with an average of just a third of a second and others with a much longer average span of 30 seconds. Astronomers then conjectured that different causal forces lay behind the origin of the two categories. As it is there is still a huge amount we do not understand about GRB’s, but one thing we do know for sure is the great damage they would be capable of causing.

Deadly consequences.

Since most GRBs are at the extremities of the Universe and occurred when the Earth was very young there is seemingly nothing to worry about. Yet the very nature of GRBs mean that an explosion at even several thousand light years distance could prove deadly to all life on Earth. Indeed some scientists believe that GRBs were responsible for at least some of the frequent mass extinction’s that have swept the planet over millions of years. For more on the possibly drastic implications that GRB’s could hold for our planet please turn to the accompanying …

Mediterranean Mystery

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When the land bridge connecting Europe and Africa at the Straits of Gibraltar finally gave way it would have created a wave of unimaginable proportions.

Our feature also tells how the Mediterranean mysteriously dried out at least five or six times

The Mediterranean Sea is the subject of one of the greatest mysteries on Earth. Geologists have proved that over the course of time the Mediterranean has frequently come to the point of drying up completely.

Evidence for this can be found in the vast layers of salt deposits discovered lying beneath the bed of this enigmatic sea. The very dense and numerous evaporite layers sandwiched between marine sediments laid down in deep water prove that since deepest antiquity the Mediterranean must have dried up at least five or six times.

Fertile conditions.

At the height of this desiccation the Mediterranean basin would have resembled a particularly arid desert, leaving only tiny lakes and rivers running down from bordering mountain ranges. However these sterile conditions would certainly not have applied to the entire Mediterranean Basin. Indeed there is no reason why localities close to main rivers and fresh water lakes could not have developed comparatively fertile conditions. This would have provided ideal conditions for life to flourish and it is highly probable that the Mediterranean Basin once held a particularly rich variety of flora and fauna.

Idyllic Nile Delta

In the vicinity of the Nile Delta there is likely to have been a resplendent wealth of life situated around lush valleys and river branches providing a thriving and endurable eco system lasting for perhaps thousands of years. Yet any life that found any kind of foothold here was ultimately doomed to disaster. The geology of the Mediterranean meant that every so often the entire basin would dramatically fill up with sea water extinguishing all life to be found there.

Repeating disaster.

Experts have discovered that over the course of millions of years the cycle of a dried up and fertile Mediterranean giving way to the waters of a flooding sea occurred at least five or six times and possibly more. In other words this was a recurring source of catastrophe with a long periodicity that operated over the course of millions of years.

Rising sea levels.

But what exactly was it that caused the flooding of the Mediterranean and its subsequent drying out ? One of the most frequently advanced explanations is a rising and falling in the level of the worlds oceans. The Mediterranean is almost entirely land locked and fed only by water pouring through the relatively narrow Straits of Gibraltar. Here at the very mouth of the Mediterranean ( see pic below )the waters are comparatively shallow, forming a narrow sill between Africa and Europe. Many actually believe this was the point of an ancient land bridge spanning the two continents.

It is also believed that on numerous occasions world ocean levels rose to a level that they poured over the sill of the Straits of Gibraltar …

Ancestor Simulation

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Are we living in a computer simulation run by a post human civilisation. Some people believe we are and cite statistics as proof of this.

Extraordinary concept.

One extraordinary concept of modern thought is the idea that life as we know it and perceive it may not be as real as it seems. This theory holds that each one of us may represent no more than a model within a giant computer simulation run by a super civilisation of the future.

Post Human Civilisation.

Some even theorise that such a program may actually be the work of a post human civilisation out to construct a vivid and totally authentic simulation of what life was like thousands of years in the past. This of course means that we would be living out a simulation of events as a form of entertainment orchestrated for the enjoyment of a civilisation that may not even be of human origin.

Just to emphasise the true depth of this concept it is important to mention that this simulation would be just one of millions like it, all run to different specifications and each one representing a distinctly altered view of the world as seen from the perspective of billions of separate individuals. The name of this idea is Ancestor Simulation.

Not so crack pot.

You may suppose ideas of this sort are eccentric beyond words – something so far fetched it would be too ludicrous to contemplate. However in today’s altered academic environment that now includes the String Theory, Chaos, Quantum mechanics, and time travel , the arrival of an idea like Ancestor Simulation is surprisingly sane and one that some scientists and philosophers are treating with a great deal of respect.


Ideas of being imprisoned within cyberspace have already formed the inspiration for numerous films like the Matrix. In fact the idea of Ancestor Simulation has been around for quite some time. However it did not receive widespread publicity until 2001 when Nick Bostrom from the Department of Philosophy at Oxford University in England wrote a paper entitled “Are you living in a computer simulation”?

With great scholarly logic Bostrum argues that a post human civilisation of immense computing power would not hesitate to inaugurate major computer simulations accurate to the tiniest level. This would include sentient but simulated individuals that could accurately mimic the real world at any given stage in history. Bostrum argues that “we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation”. In the abstract to his paper, the final version of which appeared in the Philosophical Quarterly (2003), Vol. 53, No. 211, pp. 243-255.

Bostrum writes the following:

This paper argues that at least one of the following propositions is true: (1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage; (2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof); (3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

It couldn’t be

The Chaos Theory

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Unpredictable actions.

Some things in life just don’t fit into neat predictable categories that science loves to discover and investigate.

Because of this we have the Chaos Theory that attempts to accommodate apparently disordered actions.

In the beginning there was chaos..!!

One of the main unifying themes linking the traditions of ancient cultures is the belief that in the beginning there existed nothing but Chaos. In considerably more modern times Chaos has again assumed a prominent place. This time not as a chief Cosmological explanation but as a scientific and mathematical idea that endeavours to come to terms with some of sciences more imponderable mysteries.

Disordered circumstances.

For years scientists struggled to come up with a mechanism for dealing with apparently disordered circumstances. Classical physics deals entirely with ordered states and it seemed to some that within the natural world there was a definite tendency towards disorder or even Chaos. Several of the more quoted examples include the interaction of weather systems that appear to develop entirely random patterns; the changing shape of water droplets; the swirls and eddies within a column of rising smoke, or perhaps the most famous example of them all – a butterfly beating its wings in an Amazonian rain forest causing a tornado in the Philippines.

To the theorists examples like this were certain evidence that not everything in the world could be explained by the mechanism of exact proof as science had always demanded. What was needed was the medium of an entirely new type of logic that would accommodate this thinking.

Feigenbaum Numbers.

It was not until the 1970’s – with the advent of the number crunching capabilities of computers – that the required framework for the Chaos Theory really took root. One of the principal proponents was the American physicist Mitchell Feigenbaum. His principal discovery was a consistent pattern of rate doubling as circumstances tended towards chaos. This led to the introduction of what became known as Feigenbaum numbers, which amongst other things were also found in the period doubling that occurs before heart attacks.

The Mandelbrot Set

The Chaos Theory was evolving and it was evolving in a very exciting way. It was also known to be linked with fractal geometry. Fractals involve complex shapes that are smaller variations of themselves repeated to a very fine level.

There is no greater visual representation of this than Benoit Mandelbrots which are mathematically created fractal images produced on a home computer, that later became known as the Mandelbrot Set. For those interested in creating their own variations the latest version of this programme is available for free download from the following site.

The Catastrophe Theory.

The idea of Chaos as a mathematical concept also has close links with the so called Catastrophe Theory. This was first advanced by the French mathematician Rene Thom in 1968. It attempts to deal with sharply discontinuous events that progress from one state to another in very abrupt stages. According to the theory events reach a critical …

Time Travel

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Time Travel – Is it really possible?

For a many years time travel was solely in the realms of fantasy writers. Now it is very much in the mainstream of scientific thought, and many experts agree that theoretically speaking time travel is definitely possible.


Major breakthroughs in our idea of time came with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Yet ground breaking though this theory was there are still sizeable restraints.

One is that the speed of light cannot be broken, because if it were this would lead to infinite mass and time would just stand still. The other constraint is that while forward travel in time is possible it would be out of the question to travel back to other ages.

New thinking.

Of course science does not like restraints and more recent theories hold that brilliant though Einstein’s theories were they are not so solid as was first supposed. Now there is the feeling that forward, as well as backward time travel will one day be possible.

Illusive definition.

Defining time is no easy business. We perceive events as having a past or a present but even defining the present is a difficult business. For instance whatever moment you define as the present quickly becomes the past and we see that time is extremely fluid. As for the future – that’s something we never seem to reach and it could be said with some authority that the present – whatever that is – is the only reality we will ever know.

Altering perceptions.

When it comes to time travel it is important that our perception of time should be modified. We nearly always think of time as linear, yet modern experts believe that time may really be circular. In other words we could travel so far into the future that eventually we would come back to the year of our birth.

Paradoxical arguments.

One of the arguments against backward time travel is that we could go back and alter details of the past that would render ourselves and maybe even the world itself nonexistent. The much quoted example is of traveling back and killing your grandmother, thereby eliminating the steps that led to ones birth. In this theory one would literally cease to exist. But if so then how could one travel back to stop being born in the first place if one did not exist??

Perhaps one answer to this enigma is to think of time as neither just linear or circular but a combination of both. For instance the Earth travels around the Sun once a year whereupon the seasons repeat themselves, but events do not. Perhaps then super time is just a more complex example of going around and forward at the same time, part of both a loop and forward travel. In this system events could be added to even if they appeared to conflict with what had already happened.

Many conundrums.

The above mentioned circumstances highlight just some of the many conundrums involved in …