ESPN goes live with online Togel Singapore poker

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US sports TV network ESPN, the home of the World Series of Poker, has launched a play-for-free online poker site with a freeroll tournament offering player a seat at Harrah’s 2005 World Series of Poker. The 11-week Degree® All-In Poker Challenge on is a series of weekly qualifying tournaments that lead to a final 500-player tournament in May, with the winner earning a seat in the Harrah’s 2005 World Series of Poker.


The site has been developed by Canadian-based software firm Micropower and will also offer users advice and tips including exclusive columns from ESPN’s “Jackpot” Jay Lovinger and poker guru Phil Gordon.


ESPN also plans to launch a wireless poker game later this year, where players will be able to play-for-free against up to nine computer opponents.


The game will be available via several major mobile service providers between its March launch and early summer.


The ESPN play-for-free site is the first time a major US broadcaster has entered the online poker sector, and it expected to be the first of several similar projects launched during 2005.


It also puts ESPN into direct competition with firms such as Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, who have spent heavily on marketing their play-for-free sites on US TV.


The dot net sites from existing online poker firms have been seen as a way around advertising restriction for eGaming in the US.


There are hopes it will simply grow the Togel Singapore market, and ESPN online poker is part of a major poker marketing drive entitled ESPN Poker Club, which also includes a major new TV drama series TILT, DVDs of the WSOP and a range of consumer poker products.


ESPN’s television networks will show 38 original hours of professional poker during 2005, beginning with the US Poker Championships on March 24 and continuing with 32 hours of coverage of the 2005 Harrah’s World Series of Poker from July.


To book or not to book


My esteemed colleague is protective of his previous life as a sports book manager and so he should be. But he makes my argument for me. Things have to lighten up.


The books have changed over the last 10 to 15 years and, don’t get me wrong, I like the corporates just fine. The bottom line is making everyone happy. I just think the players need to get a few more breaks, otherwise there will be fewer customers and that hurts the gaming business.


On the subject of prop bets, why shouldn’t the player have the right to win a parlay that books may consider a disadvantage to the house? Parlays are difficult to win in any form. Hey, you can go 3-1 (75 percent) and lose. The minimum number of teams you can parlay is three, which gives the house a distinct advantage. And, that’s fine. No problem.


When dealing in baseball and the run line vs. the “over/under” comparison, …

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Euro 2008 – Part One: Joel Qq Online Rookwood

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As the world’s media gathered to learn of the details of the draw for the finals of the 2008 European football Championships in December in Lucerne, the national football association personnel for each of the sixteen finalists intriguingly communicated their responses to the draw in English. This was despite the fact that English was not the first language spoken in any of these countries. This drawn-out UEFA-centred process may have illustrated the linguistic globalisation of the English language; however, it also exposed the Qq Online failure of all five British/Irish nations to have earned an invitation to partake in the quadrennial event.


Whilst four British teams were represented in the semi-finals of European club competitions this season, the international event that is set to commence only a few weeks following the climax of the domestic and continental seasons was notably lacking in English (native) speaking representation. The Premier League may be the most historic, famous, lucrative and prestigious league in the world, but international football in England is notably failing to keep up with the relentless gravy train known internationally as the EPL.


Of course this has predictably sparked intense dialogue between fans, media personnel and club and association officials about the ‘state of the English game’. Essentially it centres on one underpinning argument: it is a choice between club and country. Everyone has their own opinion and attaches contrasting degrees of worth to their international and club teams. For some, national patriotism will or should always supersede civic pride. Others take a quite different stance, reflecting various often overlapping socio-political identities. Those of the former persuasion usually live in a world where England’s failure to repeat the global success of 1966 is an outcry, and where having never won the European crown is similarly ludicrous. Those who cheer from the latter camp however, are far too concerned with the exploits of their club teams to care about international football. I would suggest that many supporters sit uncomfortably somewhere in the middle. Patriotic they may be, but loyal to their club they will always remain.


So in an era when English club football dominates the continent, its national team has failed to even qualify for Europe’s premier competition. In order to explain this development, most people will point to the ‘worrying’ migration patterns that have developed in English football since the Bosman ruling of 1995. Apparently English players do not get the opportunity to break into the first team at most top flight clubs. For such critics, the English league has become a pit for mercenaries who actively seek to demolish the English talent production process, just by accepting a contract with a Premier League club.


The reality is that the failure of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to reach the European Championships is because they are all crap. The Irish and the English however, have the players, but were managed by idiots. If the English league has taught the Football Associations of these …

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Back To The Bread And Pengeluaran HK Butter

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Football never stops. The World Cup has just finished but a full program of K-League returns this weekend after the summer break. Much has happened since May 9 when the 15 teams were last in action not least the fact that the national team reached the second round in South Africa for the first time ever in a World Cup held overseas.


There is always a ‘World Cup effect’ to be felt domestically after the quadrennial competition comes to an end. The beautiful game has been unavoidable for the past few weeks and the success of the national team will give a boost to attendances around the country. How much and for how long, well, those are the questions currently being asked by a number of journalists. As always, we will just have to wait and see.


Unfortunately for local fans, many of the stars who shone in South Africa are already back in Europe and not too many K-Leaguers who took the pitch in the Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg will be in action in Gwangju, Pengeluaran HK Ulsan and Incheon over the coming weeks. The ones that did return may have their ranks thinned further as the Taeguk Warriors’ good performances on the global stage caught the eye of European clubs.


Defender Cho Yong-hyong has already been linked with a move to English Premier League team Aston Villa and with the European transfer season about to reach full throttle in the next few weeks, more rumors, reports, links and even moves are sure to happen.


Other World Cup related K-League action is the fact that a number of teams have had their coach linked to the vacant national team position after Huh Jung-moo stepped down on July 2. There have still been a couple of coaching changes already.


The biggest story is that of Cha Bum-kun. South Korea’s 1998 World Cup boss left Suwon Bluewings on June 6 after six years in charge of the two time Asian champion. The first part of the season was a terrible one for the club’s many fans who are accustomed to tasting, or at least getting a whiff of it. After eight defeats in eleven games, Suwon is bottom of the standings.


His replacement is an interesting one. Suwon is a team accustomed to big name players and coaches but the club appointed Yoon Sung-hyo. The former Suwon player and assistant coach has enjoyed some success coaching Soongsil University but will find life at the Big Bird a little different. In years to come, the club’s appointment will either be seen as a stroke of genius or symbolic of a lack of ambition. His first K-League match comes against fellow strugglers Daegu FC on Sunday.


Incheon United is also in the midst of change. Serbian boss Ilja Petkovic quit in June as his wife was reportedly ill and they wanted to return home. Soon after though, reports came through that Serbia’s 2006 …

If it’s gift-wrapped, the Reds don’t want Bandar Togel Singapore

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Urawa Reds manager Holger Osieck remains optimistic about his side’s chances of advancing to the semifinals of the Asian Champions League despite losing hold of a stranglehold on the home-and-away quarterfinal clash against Jeonbuk Motors on Wednesday night.

The Reds outclassed the reigning ACL champions from start to finish and were up 2-0 heading into the waning moments of the match at Saitama Stadium when Jeonbuk defender Choi Jin-cheul blazed home through a maze of players to take the glean off a terrific showing by the home side.


Since away goals count as double in the event of a stalemate, Choi’s last-gasp strike throws the rematch on Sept. 26 in South Korea wide open.


The ever-pragmatic Osieck, however, said he was far from disappointed with the way things transpired on Wednesday.

“First of all it’s about winning, and we did that,” the German said. “And secondly, if (Jeonbuk) want to progress they have to beat us. So therefore my impression is that we can be confident. Not arrogant, but confident.

“I don’t think our Bandar Togel Singapore players will be arrogant. They will be focused 100 percent. And from what I saw (Wednesday), I think that yes, we can manage it.”


A tireless Tatsuya Tanaka stole the show for the Reds, helping set up Makoto Hasebe’s opener four minutes in before scoring the eventual game-winner in the 59th.

He was unlucky not to have scored

two or three more as the Jeonbuk defense took the night off, but some nice saves from goalkeeper Sung Kyung-il and a fair dose of good luck prevented a blowout.


“We played good football. We have some decent stuff,” Osieck said of his team, which came off a comfortable 4-2 win over Sanfrecce Hiroshima on Saturday to open up a four-point lead at the top of the J.League table. “Sometimes we pushed forward and sometimes we slowed the pace down and that is the type of rhythm that I like to see. And that is what my players can do.”

The Reds have a league clash this weekend against the Yokohama F. Marinos before flying to South Korea for the rematch on Wednesday.

That the road game against the defending champs in one of the most important matches in the history of the Reds organization hardly fazes Osieck, however. In fact, he appears to relish the challenge that awaits his charges.

“For me it doesn’t matter if we play home or away, I want to see the same kind of football from my team. We can do it on the road and we can do it at home,” he said. “First and foremost we have to win. We have to be switched on from the start to the finish.

“I think that with our potential and our self-confidence right now that we shouldn’t be worried. We’ll go there with our heads up and fully focused.”


Needing only a scoreless draw to advance, the question begged to be asked: …

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Ferguson Data Hk labels Benitez as “arrogant” and “contemptuous”

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War of words has intensified between Sir Alex Ferguson and Don Rafael Benitez in view of the decisive month in the Premier League The master of the psychological warfare, Ferguson has launched a furious attack at Liverpool’s coach hoping it will destabilize the Spaniard further after a heroic, but ultimately futile battle at Stamford Bridge in midweek

Manchester United manager accused Benitez of arrogance and contempt toward other Premier League managers, illustrating his claims with the way the Spaniard once qualified Everton and his dismissive attitude during a game against Blackburn

“Everton are a big club, not a small one, as Benitez arrogantly said,” remarked Ferguson

“But arrogance is one thing You cannot forgive contempt, which is what he showed Sam Allardyce last weekend When Liverpool scored their second goal he signalled as if the game was finished I do not think Sam deserved that No Liverpool manager has ever behaved like that,” concluded Ferguson

United’s advantage over Liverpool is just one point, but the Red Devils also have a game in hand And Ferguson, the undisputed champion of unsettling rival coaches, provided they are naive enough to read the press and pay any attention at all to what the wily Scotsman has to say


UEFA throws out Pobeda for eight years

The Macedonian club FK Pobeda Prilep have been Data Hk banned from UEFA’s cup competitions for the next eight years because of a match-fixing scandal that took place in 2004

UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary Body also banned for life the club chairman Aleksandar Zabrcanec and the player Nikolce Zdravevski

The European soccer governing body has stated that Pobeda “breached the principles of integrity and sportsmanship under Article 5 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations by manipulating the outcome of a match”

The breach in question occured on the occasion of the Champions League preliminary round tie between Pobeda and Armenia’s Pyunik Erevan

Charges were brought against the club due to reports of irregular betting patterns and statements from several witnesses

The decision was taken on Friday after a seven-hour-long meeting at UEFA’s headquarters, during which Pobeda’s representatives and a betting expert were heard



Red Star’s player fears eviction over failure to pay the rent


Slovenia’s midfielder Mirnes Sisic revealed that Red Star’s systematic failure to pay players’ wages have brought him to the verge of being evicted from his Belgrade apartment

Red Star, endebted for 22,3 million euros, are going through the most severe (in fact, the first) crisis in their illustrious history, which includes a European Cup and a World Club Cup wins in early nineties

“We give some money to our young teammates on a daily basis so that they can eat,” claims Sisic

“The landlord came to me last week and told me I had to pay my outstanding rent or pack my things and leave If Red Star cannot afford to pay me what I owe for the rent, let alone the wages, then I’ll have to go back …

cheap SSD dedicated servers

What is Reseller Hosting?

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Simply put, Reseller Web Hosting means that you purchase cheap SSD dedicated servers  server space and other hosting resources from a parent company and then repackage these resources into smaller plans and resell the hosting plans to end-consumers. If you were a business and decided to go with Reseller Hosting, you would be able to offer hosting to clients. Your company could be branded as a web host provider. This is a great way to get started for entrepreneurs or professionals who want to offer a new service to clients.


Each Reseller Hosting account comes with its own functions and features. There are many options available. However, there is much debate about which Operating System (OS). Windows Reseller Hosting is the most popular OS, while Linux Reseller Hosting is second. They are similar in many ways, but there is a fine line between them. This is what we will be discussing today. Given their popularity in the tech industry, there’s a good chance you’ve heard them both.


What is Linux Reseller Hosting?


Linux Reseller Hosting is a Reseller Hosting system that runs on Linux Operating System. One of the most widely used platforms is the Linux Operating System (OS). It consists of several components: bootloader and kernel, init system, daemons as well as desktop environment, applications, desktop environment, and applications. Linux is well-known for being the most reliable and secure computer ecosystems. It’s free, which means you can install it on as many computers as you like without having to pay anything for either the software or the service license. It is extremely secure and open-source. This means that it is managed by a community who work to develop and maintain the Linux platform. You can also download a wide range of distributions, almost all of which are free and can be installed on as many computers as you wish. Linux is easier to install than other Operating Systems. Linux’s ability to scale with your requirements is widely appreciated by developers. Linux’s open-source nature allows it to adapt to any environment.


What is Windows Reseller Hosting?


Reseller Hosting on Windows is where the Reseller Hosting setup runs on Windows OS. Microsoft Windows, also known simply as Windows or Windows OS is a computer OS that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows, like Linux is a very popular Operating System and offers many benefits. Windows OS is very easy to use and many people hesitate to switch to it after years of using it. Windows OS has a variety of software that can be tailored to your needs. Windows OS supports all hardware since 95% of Windows users use it. Backwards compatibility is another great feature. This allows you to run an older OS and update any services that you need. Windows Hosting is easy to set-up and easy to configure.


How do you choose between the two most reliable, stable and popular Operating Systems in the world, especially when it comes down …

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Learning from their Bandar Poker Qq mistakes

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Australia’s football hierarchy has reacted to its clubs flagging performances on Asian soil during the Champions League by scrapping plans for a Brisbane-based get-together before the Asian Cup finals in favour of an acclimatisation training camp in Singapore.


“The camp in Singapore will give us a good indication of what to expect at the Asian Cup,” declared Socceroos coach Graham Arnold last week. “Acclimatisation will be a key to success at the tournament so training and playing in Singapore will get us in good shape for the conditions that we will face for the tournament.”


Welcome news indeed, and proof of the gravity with which Football Federation Australia is holding the Socceroos’ maiden venture into Asian competition.


Over the past couple of months we’ve seen how the Australian clubs in the ACL have been caught with their trousers around their ankles by supposedly inferior opponents, particularly in tired-looking second-half displays by Adelaide in Bandar Poker Qq Vietnam and Sydney in Indonesia.


Sure, a lack of regular match action has some claims, but the A-League sides have comfortably proven that simply turning up a few days beforehand and expecting to roll over the opposition is a theory fast losing credibility down under.


As Arnold added in a far-ranging interview with the Sydney Morning Herald over the weekend, “They’re 50 per cent better at home, so when we go to these types of nations we have to make sure we have a minimum of a week to prepare properly, otherwise we’ll get ourselves into trouble.” A little tactless perhaps, but spot on.


Of course, the climatic conundrum is effectively multiplied for Arnold. Not only is Australia, geographically, not even in Asia, the basis of his Asian Cup squad will come from the English Premiership, a league played across the northern winter save for a few months of relative sunshine at its beginning and end. Derby days in Liverpool and London aren’t exactly the ideal preparation for an Asian Cup opener against Oman in Bangkok.


Then there’s Australia’s glaring lack of experience playing in the types of conditions you can expect in Thailand in July. The Socceroos have played just three matches on Asian soil since joining the AFC 16 months ago with only four players – Scott McDonald, Michael Beauchamp, Luke Wilkshire and Brett Holman, not exactly what you’d call the big guns – involved in all three of the away trips to Kuwait City, Manama and Guangzhou.


Worryingly for Arnold, the list of those who haven’t been involved in any of the three trips, for a variety of reasons, includes World Cup stars Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton, Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell and Craig Moore.


Cahill, Kennedy, Kewell and Moore are the quartet giving Arnold most headaches with just 10 weeks until Australia’s cup opener. All four are rated by Arnold as a major concern with the coach now openly saying that if any of them make it, it will be …

One Togel Online rule for the stars?

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Steven Gerrard has been cleared of affray after a jury accepted his claim that he was acting in self-defence in punching a man three times in a Merseyside bar.


Some years ago I was the victim of a robbery in Liverpool, on my first visit to the city in fact. Returning to the vast QE II Courts for the trial, the same complex where Gerrard would appear as the accused this week, I recall a Scouse detective looking up at the towering red-brick buildings and lamenting to me, “This place will always be busy.”


Liverpool was England’s second city in the 19th century but suffered steep economic decline when its shipping industry died in the post-war decades of the 20th. In freefall during the Thatcher era, crime boomed and the city won an unfortunate reputation as Britain’s most deprived and desperate place, a tag it has done much to try to shake off, including being named Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2008.


So the last Liverpudlian you expected to see in the dock was a well-respected successful multi-millionaire soccer star, a local hero forever idolised for his sterling years at Anfield and heroic retrieval of the 2005 Champions League Final from the jaws of defeat.


I value Gerrard higher than any other English player in ability and admire the fact he is a link to the football I grew up with: Loyal to one club, he plays for his local team and speaks with the local accent. Gerrard hitherto has been a good role-model with his never-say-die endeavour on the pitch, his polite and measured contributions off-field to journalists and lack of private scandal, until now. He has been England’s best player for the best part of a decade, a true talisman and footballing treasure and a man about whom no-one had a bad word to say. For more info, check out –


But I cannot feel sympathy for him today. While CCTV footage is not crystal clear regarding Gerrard’s attack, he had in police interviews accepted responsibility and apologised for throwing three punches at Marcus McGee while being “7/10” drunk, on a scale where ten equals complete inebriation. He had said he had acted in ‘self-defence’ because he had thought McGee was about to attack him, when camera footage clearly shows Gerrard’s friend elbowing the DJ in the face before the footballer and others pile in on the helpless victim, who lost a front tooth and sustained facial cuts and bruises from the onslaught.


Footage then shows Gerrard being restrained by the Southport bar manager and being frogmarched away. And all because he had tried to wrest control of the bar’s music from its DJ, who was having none of it, England legend or no.


The evidence was compelling that Gerrard was guilty, but the jury acquitted him alone of the seven accused of violence, sending a completely wrong message to society. You can get away with drunken crime …

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Balloon out of all Keluaran Sgp proportion

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Normally, I have little to no time for politicians; but when plans were afoot to open a massage parlour in my neighbourhood, I felt obliged to write to my local MP, demanding that action be taken to keep prices at an affordable level.


Flushed with this successful foray into the political arena, I’ve decided to help out Jack Straw in the aftermath of the veil wearing controversy. I’ve suggested that the Government introduce new legislation making it compulsory for all British females to cover up, until a recent photograph has been graded by a select group of professionals. It works on almost every level.


While that solution was relatively simple, the conundrum that is Man U v Liverpool is proving far more perplexing. After studying the stats, the value lies with United at 10/11.


I can predict with relative confidence that this will not be a goalfest. The last four matches between the old foes have either been goalless or settled by a single strike. In Merseyside, a 1-0 win for Man U would be about as welcome as Boris Johnson, but the smart money is in play at 6/1.


I’ve given young Rooney a fair bit of stick this Keluaran Sgp season, but recent form suggests he’s approaching his stunning best. Admittedly, he’s still not scoring, but there’s no doubting his greatness. Rooney is available at a big fat 28/1 to score the only goal of the game.


Fulham last won away at Aston Villa in March 1973, 8½ months before I was born. Somewhat worryingly, my old dear was a Villa Park regular in the 70’s, and she was never shy in putting herself about. It’s entirely possible that I could be the apple of an ex Fulham player’s eye, I’m just praying it’s not Rodney Marsh. The unbeaten Villa will extend Fulham’s dismal run in the Midlands, you should play at a promiscuous 8/11.


I have a theory that Steve McClaren may be hard of hearing. He’s completely oblivious to Gareth Barry’s incessant knocking on the England door and just the sight of the inept manager is enough for me to break into sign language. Barry looks a great shout at 9/2 to score at any time.


Chelsea have won every Premiership fixture against Portsmouth (six in total) by a 2-0 or 3-0 scoreline. Is this a statistical anomaly or a trend that will lead to a mountain of riches? I’m hoping for the latter. You must cover either of these scores for a potential payout of 5/2; it’s not erm…rocket science.


Frank Lampard has been nominated for the Ballon d’or; now I’m not bilingual, so I’m guessing the translation is something like ‘Balloon Man’. It’s said that Frank Lampard never misses training; he would if they renamed it ‘the goal’. Lampard may have found the net in both of last season’s meets with Pompey; but Drogba is a far more likely candidate to net the opener …

Charity Coin

Street Artist Pascal Boyart Helps Venezuelan Creators Earn Crypto | Shelter Crypto | Shelter Humanity | Charity Token Homeless | Charity Coin

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Pascal Boyart, a crypto-passionate street art artist, is helping Venezuelan creators and muralists to earn cryptocurrency. The Paris-based “Pboy,” also famous for hiding BTC in his graffiti-meets-classic-art murals, has teamed up with local organization Satoshienvenezuela, creating a tutorial for up-and-coming creatives in the volatile nation. Check out more about Charity Coin


Survival and Subversion


The subversive nature and flexibility of crypto has meant that the worlds permissionless digital money (and art) have always been closely related. Pascal Boyart is an example of this unique nexus. His works feature classic themes juxtaposed with contemporary issues in compelling ways. For example, the painting in which he hided his “Bitcoin Puzzle” is a riff on Eugene Delacrix’s “Liberty Leading the People” with the goddess liberty depicted as leading the modern protest movement of the yellow vest.




Pboy’s work is politically charged, so it makes sense to consider other human beings who are in similar turmoil and funding needs. Pboy and the Satoshienvenezuela Community have just published a tutorial explaining step-by–step how street artists from South America’s economically disadvantaged country can earn cryptocurrency through their art.


Street Artist Pascal Boyart Helps Venezuelan Creators Earn Crypto


Pboy’s methods of attaching QR codes on his street art pieces are detailed in the English version of this article. It is called “Tutorial: How To Receive Bitcoin Donations on Your Street Art Pieces”. He wrote:


Over $12500, or 1.20 bitcoin, has been my total receipts over the 2 years I’ve had QR codes attached to my frescoes. These donations, which can be considered a kind of crowdfunding, have been a great help in my creative process. It enabled me to purchase essential equipment and gave me the freedom to create my own projects.


Pboy’s tutorial doesn’t seem pretentious or presumptuous at all. Starting at the beginning, he explains how to create a bitcoin wallet and save the seed phrase. He also demonstrates how to maintain a consistent Bitcoin presence across all social media platforms. Boyart goes on to describe two methods for attaching Bitcoin QR codes onto a work. One is simple, but it’s more complex and more fun. The other is to use stencil and paint.


Street Artist Pascal Boyart Helps Venezuelan Creators Earn Crypto


The piece ends with a happy “Good Luck and Good Creation!” and contains an FAQ section. It includes questions like “Why Use Bitcoin?” Pboy notes, “The money that you receive is 100% in you possession because you’re the unique owner (recoveryphrase or “Seed”) and unlike other centralized methods of payment (Banks), Paypal, Kickstarter, Patreon Bitcoin work without a third party. It is decentralized.…