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Internet casinos are a growing business in the United Kingdom, with several brick-and-mortar companies going online in the last few years. We spoke with Andy Mace, casino manager for U.K. gambling institution Stanley Leisure, to find out a little more about the company’s online ventures.

WINNERonline: Can you tell us a little bit about Stanley Leisure?

Stanley Leisure: Stanley is the second largest brick-and-mortar casino operator in the U.K. We have more than 600 betting shops and 30 casinos around the U.K. The company is 25 years old and is publicly traded, which gives us a lot of stability. We operate a sportsbook at and casinos at,, and

Wo: Can you transfer that brick-and-mortar experience to the online casinos?

SL: I believe so. I have 14 years experience working in land-based casinos, and my goal is to look after customers like we do at these casinos. We want to provide excellent service and sort out any problems that may arise.

Wo: Are most of your customers from the U.K.?

SL: A lot of people in the U.K. are familiar with the name, but approximately 70 percent of our customers are from the U.S.

Wo: Stanley offers a smaller selection of games than some other online casinos. Why is that?

SL: We decided it was better to do a small selection of games well rather than a large selection mediocre. We also don’t want to spread ourselves too thin.

Wo: recently offered a 2:1 Blackjack promotion. How was that received?

SL: Great. It got a lot of attention, and the casino was usually full to bursting. Every time someone would log out, someone else would log in. It was a good deal for players, but they still had to play well to come out ahead. It wasn’t designed to make money for the casino; we wanted to give something back to the players.

Wo: Do you plan to offer any similar promotions in the near future?

SL: We’ve actually got another Blackjack promotion running this week. We will be running a tournament between Monday and Friday, with daily prizes as well as an overall prize. The winner will be the person with the highest win percentage against wages bet. Players can sign up for the tournament at any of the three casinos.

Wo: Customer loyalty is an important aspect of any successful 789 casino. Can you tell us a little bit about Stanley’s VIP program?

SL: We offer regular players a higher betting limit – up to $1000 on blackjack. This is done on a request, one-on-one basis, and it can go back down again if the player wishes.

Wo: We know that some credit card companies are restricting the use of credit cards at online casinos. Has this been a problem for you or your customers?

SL: This has been a problem for everyone. The situation hasn’t been well thought out by the credit card companies, because it’s safer to send money back to the …

Judi Slot Online

Is Your Judi Slot Online Box Big Enough?

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Casino TechWe did an article on what it takes to run online casino software about a year and a half ago. But that’s the same as forever when it comes to life on the web, so we’ll take another look at the hardware and software demands of today’s multimedia games.

I’m fortunate in that I get to play casino games both as part of my job and as recreation. It just so happens that my home computer is rather different than my work machine, and this affords a great opportunity to compare the two in terms of how they perform.

For the technologically inclined, let’s look at the specs on the two different computers:

Box A – the home computer: A Celeron 400-based PC with 64 Meg of RAM, a 4 Gig hard drive and an obsolete graphics card. I bought it a little over 3 years ago. A system like this would go for about 200 bucks these days. Look in your community newspaper for someone trying to dump one if you’re interested.

Box B – the office computer: A comparatively new Pentium III 933 with 512 Meg of RAM, over 40 Gig of hard drive and a reasonable –though generic– graphics subsystem. This system is well under the $1000 mark, and is probably closer to $750.

Back in 1999, Box A was more than enough to drive the Judi Slot Online casino software of the day. In fact, it smoked! Chuck used to ask me how this or that game played for me at home ’cause his office computer kept choking. I loved it!

But that was then and this is now. These days, the high-end Internet gambling software is being defined by games with a 3D look-and-feel, games using avatars and extensive sound libraries. These games are resource hogs in no uncertain terms and they’re starting to bring Box A to its knees.

Before anyone gets too excited, though, it’s worth noting that most games play fine on Box A. It’s only the latest and greatest software versions that give it trouble. I know I’m stating the obvious, but this will get worse with time.

Box B on the other hand has proven more than enough to handle the current generation of casino games. In fact, it’s probably overkill. No casino game I’ve played has given it a single problem. I think we can draw a few conclusions from that experience:

  • The casinos are fond of claiming that you can run their games on a mouse-powered shoebox with no more memory than your car alarm beeper. Don’t believe it! A decent computer — Box B would be at the higher end of that group — makes a real difference when you play the latest games.


  • If you don’t care about the latest high-end games, don’t sweat it. The majority of software providers are not in the business of selling computers so they’ll be reluctant to push the technology envelope too far. They want as many players
Slot Online Ready to Deal 7 Millionth Slot Online Hand

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia —, Inc. (NASD OTC BB: PKER.OB), a leading provider of online gaming systems, announces one of its licensees, Antico Holdings S.A. is counting down to it’s seven millionth hand on

Antico Holdings S.A. implemented the 2nd generation poker software at the beginning of 2001 and is now counting down to its’ seven millionth hand. The first millionth hand was reached on May 21, 2001. The speed in achieving this milestone shows the growth and potential of owning and operating an online poker card room.

Christa Taylor, President and CFO of says, “The increasing number of hands being dealt is the combination of increased players, popularity of our affiliate program and enhanced software. We are pleased with the consistent growth Antico has shown and are eager for future results.”

About, Inc. (PKER.OB) a fully reporting NASD OTC BB company, is a licensing and marketing company that sells and sublicenses Internet Poker, Casino, and Sportsbook gaming systems. The company’s main sources of revenue are derived from sub-licensing fees, ongoing royalty fees, an opt-in advertising program, and banner advertising.’s mission is to become the World’s preferred site for poker. is committed to provide a secure place to play, information you can trust, and an opportunity to learn.

Webcast Spices Up CenterfoldGames Launch

BRITISH COLUMBIA -– An exciting new concept in interactive gaming – a web site that offers beautiful women as casino game prizes — will celebrate it’s official launch with an interactive “Pajama Party” to be webcast live on June 25th.

Eight of’s beautiful hostesses will be webcasting live video from the sprawling Mansion. Free live video chat will enable viewers to interact directly with the girls throughout the evening. Like on popular reality-TV programs, video cameras at the “Pajama Party” will observe the centerfold hostesses as they get together for a few drinks and a little friendly girl talk. They all like to show off their beautiful bodies, so there won’t be many clothes left to take off by the time it’s time to change into jammies! is an innovative entertainment concept that combines the thrills of casino games with the erotic pleasures of explicit photos, videos and live video chat. Players win points in game play which they can then redeem for prizes that include a grand prize Dream Date – a weekend in an exotic locale with the player’s choice of models.

Daily Bonus Draws will add to the Grand Opening Slot Online excitement. Every day until June 25, a new Member will win 15 minutes of free live video chat that they can redeem any time. When new members sign up, they are automatically entered in that day’s Bonus Draw and also given their free access codes to view the live webcast.

“When you redeem points for live video chat, you chat one on one with our hostesses,” explains creator Nicholas Alexander, “But for this special party occasion, video chat is free, and …

Unsung Heros And Poker Online Pkv

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It’s the nature of things that we should be more interested in today’s poker “heroes” and “superstars” rather than those of yesteryear. However, I am one of those who believe that you must be aware of history. Without it, you can neither learn from past mistakes nor put your own successes or failures into proper perspective. First, you win a few tournaments or you can’t put a foot wrong in cash games, and the next thing you know, you’ve become a legend in your own mind. Then, when the wheels come off, you start to flounder and cannot understand why the chips are not coming your way. After all, they should be coming your way. You’re a hero, aren’t you?


An awareness of history can also help you to avoid becoming a poker brat, one who thinks the poker world revolves around him and doesn’t appreciate that many people have worked very hard behind the scenes to make poker what it is today. The problem with brats is that they usually abuse dealers and social poker players, and therefore help to give poker a bad name, which in turn is not at all good for sponsorship.


So, here are a few words of thanks to some unsung heroes to whom we (European) poker players are indebted.


The first is the late Terry Rogers, bookmaker by trade, who introduced tournaments to Ireland and hence to Europe. Rogers went to Las Vegas in the late ’70s, where he met and befriended Benny Binion. Rogers opened the Eccentric Club in Dublin, and no-limit hold’em took off. Many of today’s great Irish poker players cut their teeth in the Eccentric Club: Donnacha O’Dea, Padraig Parkinson, Alan Betson, George McKeever, Scott Gray, Tom Gibson, Colette Doherty, and Liam Flood are but a few. Such was Terry Rogers’ influence that the crème de la crème of American poker players — Doyle Brunson, Jack Straus, and Stu Ungar — attended his tournaments at a time when Americans ventured abroad even less than they do now.


At about the same time, Barry DeLacy (general manager of the Rubicon Sporting Club in Wolverhampton) was also busy promoting cards in his casino. DeLacy was responsible for the first major tournament in England. The entry fee was huge for the times — £100! That’s chicken feed these days, but such were the humble beginnings of tournaments in Europe in the mid-1980s. The Rainbow Casino in Birmingham followed suit, and for many years its pot-limit Midland Masters was the best-attended tournament in the UK. In fact, it was the highlight of the English poker calendar, and only a staggering £100 to enter.


But the one person who really ignited the European poker scene must surely be Mickey Finn. Mickey wanted to get a better deal for poker players. He wanted better-structured tournaments, better organization, and better deals on accommodations. So, with help from Lothar Landauer, Matthias Ronnacher, and others, Finn set up the …

ESPN goes live with online Togel Singapore poker

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US sports TV network ESPN, the home of the World Series of Poker, has launched a play-for-free online poker site with a freeroll tournament offering player a seat at Harrah’s 2005 World Series of Poker. The 11-week Degree® All-In Poker Challenge on is a series of weekly qualifying tournaments that lead to a final 500-player tournament in May, with the winner earning a seat in the Harrah’s 2005 World Series of Poker.


The site has been developed by Canadian-based software firm Micropower and will also offer users advice and tips including exclusive columns from ESPN’s “Jackpot” Jay Lovinger and poker guru Phil Gordon.


ESPN also plans to launch a wireless poker game later this year, where players will be able to play-for-free against up to nine computer opponents.


The game will be available via several major mobile service providers between its March launch and early summer.


The ESPN play-for-free site is the first time a major US broadcaster has entered the online poker sector, and it expected to be the first of several similar projects launched during 2005.


It also puts ESPN into direct competition with firms such as Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, who have spent heavily on marketing their play-for-free sites on US TV.


The dot net sites from existing online poker firms have been seen as a way around advertising restriction for eGaming in the US.


There are hopes it will simply grow the Togel Singapore market, and ESPN online poker is part of a major poker marketing drive entitled ESPN Poker Club, which also includes a major new TV drama series TILT, DVDs of the WSOP and a range of consumer poker products.


ESPN’s television networks will show 38 original hours of professional poker during 2005, beginning with the US Poker Championships on March 24 and continuing with 32 hours of coverage of the 2005 Harrah’s World Series of Poker from July.


To book or not to book


My esteemed colleague is protective of his previous life as a sports book manager and so he should be. But he makes my argument for me. Things have to lighten up.


The books have changed over the last 10 to 15 years and, don’t get me wrong, I like the corporates just fine. The bottom line is making everyone happy. I just think the players need to get a few more breaks, otherwise there will be fewer customers and that hurts the gaming business.


On the subject of prop bets, why shouldn’t the player have the right to win a parlay that books may consider a disadvantage to the house? Parlays are difficult to win in any form. Hey, you can go 3-1 (75 percent) and lose. The minimum number of teams you can parlay is three, which gives the house a distinct advantage. And, that’s fine. No problem.


When dealing in baseball and the run line vs. the “over/under” comparison, …

George’s Dominoqq Online Terbaik Premiership Predictions

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The 2014-2015 Barclay’s Premiership season is getting down to the endgame with Chelsea and Manchester City the only two clubs in with a realistic chance of winning the title, with Chelsea firm favourites.


The more interesting race is for third and fourth places with Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Southampton and Spurs all vying for the remaining Champions League spots.


The race to beat the drop to the Championship is also hotting up and there are a number of potential “6 pointers” over the weekend as Crystal Palace face QPR, Sunderland play Villa and Leicester City take on Hull.


Saturday, 14 March 2015


Crystal Palace 2 v QPR 1

Sunderland 0 v Aston Villa 1

West Brom 2 v Stoke City 0

Leicester City 1 v Hull City 0

Arsenal 2 v West Ham 0

Burnley 1 v Man City 3


Sunday, 15 March 2015


Chelsea 1 v Southampton 0

Everton 0 v Newcastle 1

Man Utd 2 v Tottenham 1


Monday, 16 March 2015


Swansea 0 v Liverpool 2


‘Best League In The World’ 1/6 Not To Be Represented At QF Stage (Again)


It’s often said that the Premier League is the best in the world but bet365 are 1/6 about there being no English representation at the quarter final stage of the Champions League – just like two years ago.


bet365 are betting on when an English club will next win the Champions League and they’re 8/15 it’s not before 2018.


Bayern Munich, who demolished Shakhtar Donetsk 7-0 on Wednesday, are bet365’s favourites to lift the trophy with Chelsea’s conquerors PSG priced at 10/1.


Total Number Of English Sides To Reach 2014/15 CL QF Stage


None 1/6 One 4/1 Two 80/1


Next English Champions League Win


2014/15 40/1 2015/16 10/3 2016/17 9/2 None Of The Above 8/15


2014/15 Champions League Outright


Bayern Munich 5/2 Real Madrid 11/4

Barcelona 11/4 PSG 10/1

Atletico Madrid 20/1 Juventus 22/1

FC Porto 33/1 Borussia Dortmund 33/1

Monaco 50/1 Bayer Leverkusen 66/1

Man City 66/1 Arsenal 80/1


Soccer – Demichelis extends City deal


Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis has signed a contract extension to remain at the Etihad Stadium until the summer of 2016. The Argentine moved to the Citizens, who are 7/1 to win with bet365 the Premier League this season, from Atletico Madrid in 2013 and has been a regular under manager Manuel Pellegrini since. The 34-year-old has made 30 appearances this season and says he signed a new deal with City so he can help the club fight for more silverware. “Manchester City is a club with a lot of ambition,” said Demichelis. “When you get to hold a trophy, it’s the best feeling for any player.”


Fifa’s World Rankings for March 2015 2014 were published on Thursday at FIFA HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. The Fifa World Rankings are now published on Thursday and not Wednesday as before.


2014 world cup champions Germany remain at the top of the Fifa rankings followed by Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, …

Qq Online

Euro 2008 – Part One: Joel Qq Online Rookwood

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As the world’s media gathered to learn of the details of the draw for the finals of the 2008 European football Championships in December in Lucerne, the national football association personnel for each of the sixteen finalists intriguingly communicated their responses to the draw in English. This was despite the fact that English was not the first language spoken in any of these countries. This drawn-out UEFA-centred process may have illustrated the linguistic globalisation of the English language; however, it also exposed the Qq Online failure of all five British/Irish nations to have earned an invitation to partake in the quadrennial event.


Whilst four British teams were represented in the semi-finals of European club competitions this season, the international event that is set to commence only a few weeks following the climax of the domestic and continental seasons was notably lacking in English (native) speaking representation. The Premier League may be the most historic, famous, lucrative and prestigious league in the world, but international football in England is notably failing to keep up with the relentless gravy train known internationally as the EPL.


Of course this has predictably sparked intense dialogue between fans, media personnel and club and association officials about the ‘state of the English game’. Essentially it centres on one underpinning argument: it is a choice between club and country. Everyone has their own opinion and attaches contrasting degrees of worth to their international and club teams. For some, national patriotism will or should always supersede civic pride. Others take a quite different stance, reflecting various often overlapping socio-political identities. Those of the former persuasion usually live in a world where England’s failure to repeat the global success of 1966 is an outcry, and where having never won the European crown is similarly ludicrous. Those who cheer from the latter camp however, are far too concerned with the exploits of their club teams to care about international football. I would suggest that many supporters sit uncomfortably somewhere in the middle. Patriotic they may be, but loyal to their club they will always remain.


So in an era when English club football dominates the continent, its national team has failed to even qualify for Europe’s premier competition. In order to explain this development, most people will point to the ‘worrying’ migration patterns that have developed in English football since the Bosman ruling of 1995. Apparently English players do not get the opportunity to break into the first team at most top flight clubs. For such critics, the English league has become a pit for mercenaries who actively seek to demolish the English talent production process, just by accepting a contract with a Premier League club.


The reality is that the failure of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to reach the European Championships is because they are all crap. The Irish and the English however, have the players, but were managed by idiots. If the English league has taught the Football Associations of these …

Pengeluaran HK

Back To The Bread And Pengeluaran HK Butter

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Football never stops. The World Cup has just finished but a full program of K-League returns this weekend after the summer break. Much has happened since May 9 when the 15 teams were last in action not least the fact that the national team reached the second round in South Africa for the first time ever in a World Cup held overseas.


There is always a ‘World Cup effect’ to be felt domestically after the quadrennial competition comes to an end. The beautiful game has been unavoidable for the past few weeks and the success of the national team will give a boost to attendances around the country. How much and for how long, well, those are the questions currently being asked by a number of journalists. As always, we will just have to wait and see.


Unfortunately for local fans, many of the stars who shone in South Africa are already back in Europe and not too many K-Leaguers who took the pitch in the Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg will be in action in Gwangju, Pengeluaran HK Ulsan and Incheon over the coming weeks. The ones that did return may have their ranks thinned further as the Taeguk Warriors’ good performances on the global stage caught the eye of European clubs.


Defender Cho Yong-hyong has already been linked with a move to English Premier League team Aston Villa and with the European transfer season about to reach full throttle in the next few weeks, more rumors, reports, links and even moves are sure to happen.


Other World Cup related K-League action is the fact that a number of teams have had their coach linked to the vacant national team position after Huh Jung-moo stepped down on July 2. There have still been a couple of coaching changes already.


The biggest story is that of Cha Bum-kun. South Korea’s 1998 World Cup boss left Suwon Bluewings on June 6 after six years in charge of the two time Asian champion. The first part of the season was a terrible one for the club’s many fans who are accustomed to tasting, or at least getting a whiff of it. After eight defeats in eleven games, Suwon is bottom of the standings.


His replacement is an interesting one. Suwon is a team accustomed to big name players and coaches but the club appointed Yoon Sung-hyo. The former Suwon player and assistant coach has enjoyed some success coaching Soongsil University but will find life at the Big Bird a little different. In years to come, the club’s appointment will either be seen as a stroke of genius or symbolic of a lack of ambition. His first K-League match comes against fellow strugglers Daegu FC on Sunday.


Incheon United is also in the midst of change. Serbian boss Ilja Petkovic quit in June as his wife was reportedly ill and they wanted to return home. Soon after though, reports came through that Serbia’s 2006 …

If it’s gift-wrapped, the Reds don’t want Bandar Togel Singapore

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Urawa Reds manager Holger Osieck remains optimistic about his side’s chances of advancing to the semifinals of the Asian Champions League despite losing hold of a stranglehold on the home-and-away quarterfinal clash against Jeonbuk Motors on Wednesday night.

The Reds outclassed the reigning ACL champions from start to finish and were up 2-0 heading into the waning moments of the match at Saitama Stadium when Jeonbuk defender Choi Jin-cheul blazed home through a maze of players to take the glean off a terrific showing by the home side.


Since away goals count as double in the event of a stalemate, Choi’s last-gasp strike throws the rematch on Sept. 26 in South Korea wide open.


The ever-pragmatic Osieck, however, said he was far from disappointed with the way things transpired on Wednesday.

“First of all it’s about winning, and we did that,” the German said. “And secondly, if (Jeonbuk) want to progress they have to beat us. So therefore my impression is that we can be confident. Not arrogant, but confident.

“I don’t think our Bandar Togel Singapore players will be arrogant. They will be focused 100 percent. And from what I saw (Wednesday), I think that yes, we can manage it.”


A tireless Tatsuya Tanaka stole the show for the Reds, helping set up Makoto Hasebe’s opener four minutes in before scoring the eventual game-winner in the 59th.

He was unlucky not to have scored

two or three more as the Jeonbuk defense took the night off, but some nice saves from goalkeeper Sung Kyung-il and a fair dose of good luck prevented a blowout.


“We played good football. We have some decent stuff,” Osieck said of his team, which came off a comfortable 4-2 win over Sanfrecce Hiroshima on Saturday to open up a four-point lead at the top of the J.League table. “Sometimes we pushed forward and sometimes we slowed the pace down and that is the type of rhythm that I like to see. And that is what my players can do.”

The Reds have a league clash this weekend against the Yokohama F. Marinos before flying to South Korea for the rematch on Wednesday.

That the road game against the defending champs in one of the most important matches in the history of the Reds organization hardly fazes Osieck, however. In fact, he appears to relish the challenge that awaits his charges.

“For me it doesn’t matter if we play home or away, I want to see the same kind of football from my team. We can do it on the road and we can do it at home,” he said. “First and foremost we have to win. We have to be switched on from the start to the finish.

“I think that with our potential and our self-confidence right now that we shouldn’t be worried. We’ll go there with our heads up and fully focused.”


Needing only a scoreless draw to advance, the question begged to be asked: …

Data Hk

Ferguson Data Hk labels Benitez as “arrogant” and “contemptuous”

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War of words has intensified between Sir Alex Ferguson and Don Rafael Benitez in view of the decisive month in the Premier League The master of the psychological warfare, Ferguson has launched a furious attack at Liverpool’s coach hoping it will destabilize the Spaniard further after a heroic, but ultimately futile battle at Stamford Bridge in midweek

Manchester United manager accused Benitez of arrogance and contempt toward other Premier League managers, illustrating his claims with the way the Spaniard once qualified Everton and his dismissive attitude during a game against Blackburn

“Everton are a big club, not a small one, as Benitez arrogantly said,” remarked Ferguson

“But arrogance is one thing You cannot forgive contempt, which is what he showed Sam Allardyce last weekend When Liverpool scored their second goal he signalled as if the game was finished I do not think Sam deserved that No Liverpool manager has ever behaved like that,” concluded Ferguson

United’s advantage over Liverpool is just one point, but the Red Devils also have a game in hand And Ferguson, the undisputed champion of unsettling rival coaches, provided they are naive enough to read the press and pay any attention at all to what the wily Scotsman has to say


UEFA throws out Pobeda for eight years

The Macedonian club FK Pobeda Prilep have been Data Hk banned from UEFA’s cup competitions for the next eight years because of a match-fixing scandal that took place in 2004

UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary Body also banned for life the club chairman Aleksandar Zabrcanec and the player Nikolce Zdravevski

The European soccer governing body has stated that Pobeda “breached the principles of integrity and sportsmanship under Article 5 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations by manipulating the outcome of a match”

The breach in question occured on the occasion of the Champions League preliminary round tie between Pobeda and Armenia’s Pyunik Erevan

Charges were brought against the club due to reports of irregular betting patterns and statements from several witnesses

The decision was taken on Friday after a seven-hour-long meeting at UEFA’s headquarters, during which Pobeda’s representatives and a betting expert were heard



Red Star’s player fears eviction over failure to pay the rent


Slovenia’s midfielder Mirnes Sisic revealed that Red Star’s systematic failure to pay players’ wages have brought him to the verge of being evicted from his Belgrade apartment

Red Star, endebted for 22,3 million euros, are going through the most severe (in fact, the first) crisis in their illustrious history, which includes a European Cup and a World Club Cup wins in early nineties

“We give some money to our young teammates on a daily basis so that they can eat,” claims Sisic

“The landlord came to me last week and told me I had to pay my outstanding rent or pack my things and leave If Red Star cannot afford to pay me what I owe for the rent, let alone the wages, then I’ll have to go back …