About Us

Having had a fascination for science and culture we set about putting together some ideas to allow us to start building this website, and after many months of doing so we have finally made the Nasca website live and hope you enjoy your visit.

There are lots of blog posts and articles dotted around this website that we think you are going to enjoy reading, and we hope you will join in the community feel of this site by posting comments and feedback on any of those blog posts and articles.

There is of course a constant stream of both cultural and scientific news stories breaking all of the time around the world as we have put together a team of writers who will be covering all of those stories and updating this site regularly, and as such we invite you to revisit this website regularly.

We are also always keeping our collective eyes peeled for additional articles and news stories that our website visitors will be interested in reading and as such lookout for our links to other websites that we just know you will be interested in visiting to view and read those stories.

We have spent a lot of time putting together this entire website and with that in mind we would like to inform you that all of our hard work is protected by copyright and as such you are not permitted to copy anything from this website with seeking or approval to do so first.

All of the images and logos, and written content along with the layout and designed of this website is covered by that copyright, so please if you do wish to link to any articles or reproduce anything on this site please do drop us an email and seek our permission first.