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Pascal Boyart, a crypto-passionate street art artist, is helping Venezuelan creators and muralists to earn cryptocurrency. The Paris-based “Pboy,” also famous for hiding BTC in his graffiti-meets-classic-art murals, has teamed up with local organization Satoshienvenezuela, creating a tutorial for up-and-coming creatives in the volatile nation. Check out more about Charity Coin


Survival and Subversion


The subversive nature and flexibility of crypto has meant that the worlds permissionless digital money (and art) have always been closely related. Pascal Boyart is an example of this unique nexus. His works feature classic themes juxtaposed with contemporary issues in compelling ways. For example, the painting in which he hided his “Bitcoin Puzzle” is a riff on Eugene Delacrix’s “Liberty Leading the People” with the goddess liberty depicted as leading the modern protest movement of the yellow vest.




Pboy’s work is politically charged, so it makes sense to consider other human beings who are in similar turmoil and funding needs. Pboy and the Satoshienvenezuela Community have just published a tutorial explaining step-by–step how street artists from South America’s economically disadvantaged country can earn cryptocurrency through their art.


Street Artist Pascal Boyart Helps Venezuelan Creators Earn Crypto


Pboy’s methods of attaching QR codes on his street art pieces are detailed in the English version of this article. It is called “Tutorial: How To Receive Bitcoin Donations on Your Street Art Pieces”. He wrote:


Over $12500, or 1.20 bitcoin, has been my total receipts over the 2 years I’ve had QR codes attached to my frescoes. These donations, which can be considered a kind of crowdfunding, have been a great help in my creative process. It enabled me to purchase essential equipment and gave me the freedom to create my own projects.


Pboy’s tutorial doesn’t seem pretentious or presumptuous at all. Starting at the beginning, he explains how to create a bitcoin wallet and save the seed phrase. He also demonstrates how to maintain a consistent Bitcoin presence across all social media platforms. Boyart goes on to describe two methods for attaching Bitcoin QR codes onto a work. One is simple, but it’s more complex and more fun. The other is to use stencil and paint.


Street Artist Pascal Boyart Helps Venezuelan Creators Earn Crypto


The piece ends with a happy “Good Luck and Good Creation!” and contains an FAQ section. It includes questions like “Why Use Bitcoin?” Pboy notes, “The money that you receive is 100% in you possession because you’re the unique owner (recoveryphrase or “Seed”) and unlike other centralized methods of payment (Banks), Paypal, Kickstarter, Patreon Bitcoin work without a third party. It is decentralized.

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