Polar reversal

When North becomes South.

Much as it may seem impossible the planet is quite capable of turning over on its axis. The phenomenon of reversed polarity, where the north pole becomes the south pole, and vice versa, is now established scientific fact, and this presents us with yet more cause for alarm. It appears that over the course of the Earth’s lifetime this change of polarity has occurred on a regular basis. In fact far too often! Even more worrying is that the next polar reversal is now long overdue and may happen very shortly.

Two types of reversal.

Strictly speaking there are two types of polar reversal. One is the reversal of the planets magnetic poles and the other is a full geographical tilt of the Earth on its axis. While it is uncertain whether both would occur in tandem, some experts believe that the two are intricately linked. The last known reversal of the magnetic poles occurred around three quarters of a million years ago. Scientists point out that since there were no mass extinction’s at that time the effects on existing life must have been relatively benign. Even so a magnetic polar reversal would result in a lessening of the planets magnetic field allowing harmful solar rays to penetrate to the surface of the planet.

Catastrophic event.

It goes without saying that a full polar reversal, involving the geographic poles of the planet would be a much different proposition to the relatively tame magnetic reversal. A full polar reversal would be a highly catastrophic event, capable of destroying all life on Earth. It would also fall into that category of event over which we have absolutely no control whatsoever. In fact there are those who believe that full polar reversals are no more than a routine – if catastrophic event which happen according to regular cycles built-in to the Earth’s rotational mechanism.

Repeating cycle.

In many ways the ancient world understood this cycle of events far more intimately than we do today. They understood that as one day gives way to the next, there were periods when the Earth quite literally convulsed in a huge fit of turbulence that was no more than a routine element of the planet we live on. A destructive cycle that was repeated again and again.


The ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogue The Statesman adds further to the mystery saying: “At periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction…..Of all the changes which take place in the heavens this reversal is the greatest and most complete.” Plato warns this period of reversal is far from orderly: “There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a

Unbalanced Earth.

The exact reasons behind polar reversals are not fully understood. What we do know is that they tend to happen when there is a wide divergence between the magnetic poles and their geographic equivalent, as is currently the case. Another possible reason is that the Earth is grossly unbalanced. The greatest north/south ( see here for pic) area of landmass is immediately opposite the greatest body of unbroken Ocean, stretching from pole to pole. Since land weighs more than water, this makes one side of the world very much heavier than the other. It also means that given the force of some unsettling influence – possibly an asteroid strike, the planet could quite literally topple over on its axis.

Magma tides.

Another plausible reason for a polar reversal are the effects of vast streams of magma that flow beneath the Earth’s crust. It is thought that when these undergo drastic changes to their rate of flow the resulting surge is enough to topple an already stressed planet on its axis. This could happen when melting polar ice lessens pressure at the poles leading to a surge of magma into the resulting cavity, with catastrophic results.

Few survivors.

From ancient and scientific sources we can accurately predict that the next polar reversal is solely a matter of time. When it does happen it will be a catastrophe of epic proportions that will leave few if any survivors. We must therefore hope that its onset continues to delay itself for as long as possible.

Eventually however our luck will run out.

Polar reversal imminent say some scientists.