New Invention For Casino Cbet Texas Hold’Em

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Sometimes opportunities stare everyone in the face, but no one really notices. Well, 3zilla, LLC, noticed and created the Button Timer(tm). This device looks like the dealer button that is passed around in amateur/ home games of Texas Hold’Em to remind everyone who the dealer was in a given round. (Obviously, this isn’t necessary in a casino game, as a dealer is present.) The Button Timer takes the role of the poker “button” one step forward by adding a timer The idea is to allow players to set the number of minutes per round, upon which time the device will “beep loudly”.


While I wish the 3zilla entrepreneurs good luck, I can’t see why anyone would bother with a timer, at least in home games. It’s not necessary for professional games, so that leaves amateur games. Home games are typically laid back affairs with buddies. You joke and laugh and swig beer and eat pizza between betting. A timer would just make everything so damn serious. This is Texas Holdem, not chess.


Now if someone came up with a Casino Cbet Texas Hold’Em calculator that showed you your odds of winning a given preflop hand, and managed to make it look like a watch or bracelet, that’d be something. Only question is, would it be legal? I mean, not everyone can be a human calculator.



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