Martingale Gambling System and Togel Singapore

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Negative progression system, the oldest known system.


The Martingale system is a very old and extremely simple system. It is based on the probability of losing infinite times in a row and is usually applied to ‘even money’ bets.


You start with one bet. If you win, you start again with one bet. If you lose, you double your bet. Each time you lose, you double your last lost bet. Eventually you are bound to win. When you win you recover all of your lost bets plus one unit profit against your initial wager.


Although infallible in theory, the Martingale system requires a large bankroll, has a very low return and is a very risky one because of the maximum bet limits imposed by the casinos. If you run out of money or reach the house limit, you can lose a lot with no chance to recover your losses.


The Ormond System: Negative progression, a variation of the Martingale System.


Assumes you will win before you reach the house limit and can bankroll the losing run. Bet an initial amount (A). For each win, on the next bet A again. For each lose bet A*x+A where x is the number of losing bets. Thus if you finally win, you will recover all bet money, plus N for every loss. The progression would look like this on a $5 table. 5, 15, 35, 75, 155, 315, etc. As with all negative progressions, and this one even more so, it requires more capital and is employed to force a winning outcome following a losing streak.


Anti-martingale System:


Positive progression.


Remarks: pre-decide a win, say 7 units


Bet on red. if win leave the two on red (or switch to black if you feel like it). If win again leave the four on another even chance. If win the third in a row skim the seven and restart with one. Every time you lose restart with one.


* Negative progression betting systems: You increase the bet when you lose. Require more capital and usually employed to force a winning outcome following a losing streak. (Avoid these systems if you can they will not do your nerves any good and they are painful when you lose.)


This system can be used in Roulette and Blackjack.


Parlay Gambling System


Positive progression system, similar to the Paroli System.


This is another simple Togel Singapore system, once a bet is won you leave the winnings there and go on to the next bet “let it ride”. Therefore in the next bet if you lose you only have lost your first bet, if the bet wins you get 4 units back. It is commonly used in horse race betting. Basically you make a bet and if you win you re-invest the winnings on the next bet. You ‘let it ride’.


This system is similar to the Paroli system and has the effect of ‘pyramiding’ your profit. Pyramiding is a parlay wager whereby the original wager plus its winnings are played on successive wagers.


Your bet does not have to be your entire bankroll in one. There is a method based on the player having 31 units to stake where you have a series which is 1 1 1 2 2 4 4 8 8 (for a total of 31 units). Your first bet is one unit. This could be any bet from a dollar to 1/16 of the table limit. If that bet wins, you bet the same amount again. If it loses you go up the series with a parlay on each bet. Notice that if you win any of the parlays you will be winning anyplace from one to nine units. In a parlay game, the player makes a successful bet and uses his winnings together with the initial stake in the next game for the same wager. If you win again, you have won a simple parlay game..


This system only works successfully if there is a long winning series of an even money bet like Black/Red etc. At the beginning of a parlay game, losses occur frequently until a multiple parlay bet wins and compensates for previous losses.


This method of play is by no means risk free, but it offers the least amount of risk of all wagers since the player is only concerned with either a win, place or show selection or a combination of the three.


It is one of the oldest methods of wagering and was originally derived from the same premise that banking systems use to compound interest.


* Positive progression betting systems: You increase the bet when you win. This requires less capital and is usually employed to take advantage of winning streaks.




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