Ferguson Data Hk labels Benitez as “arrogant” and “contemptuous”

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War of words has intensified between Sir Alex Ferguson and Don Rafael Benitez in view of the decisive month in the Premier League The master of the psychological warfare, Ferguson has launched a furious attack at Liverpool’s coach hoping it will destabilize the Spaniard further after a heroic, but ultimately futile battle at Stamford Bridge in midweek

Manchester United manager accused Benitez of arrogance and contempt toward other Premier League managers, illustrating his claims with the way the Spaniard once qualified Everton and his dismissive attitude during a game against Blackburn

“Everton are a big club, not a small one, as Benitez arrogantly said,” remarked Ferguson

“But arrogance is one thing You cannot forgive contempt, which is what he showed Sam Allardyce last weekend When Liverpool scored their second goal he signalled as if the game was finished I do not think Sam deserved that No Liverpool manager has ever behaved like that,” concluded Ferguson

United’s advantage over Liverpool is just one point, but the Red Devils also have a game in hand And Ferguson, the undisputed champion of unsettling rival coaches, provided they are naive enough to read the press and pay any attention at all to what the wily Scotsman has to say


UEFA throws out Pobeda for eight years

The Macedonian club FK Pobeda Prilep have been Data Hk banned from UEFA’s cup competitions for the next eight years because of a match-fixing scandal that took place in 2004

UEFA’s Control and Disciplinary Body also banned for life the club chairman Aleksandar Zabrcanec and the player Nikolce Zdravevski

The European soccer governing body has stated that Pobeda “breached the principles of integrity and sportsmanship under Article 5 of the UEFA disciplinary regulations by manipulating the outcome of a match”

The breach in question occured on the occasion of the Champions League preliminary round tie between Pobeda and Armenia’s Pyunik Erevan

Charges were brought against the club due to reports of irregular betting patterns and statements from several witnesses

The decision was taken on Friday after a seven-hour-long meeting at UEFA’s headquarters, during which Pobeda’s representatives and a betting expert were heard



Red Star’s player fears eviction over failure to pay the rent


Slovenia’s midfielder Mirnes Sisic revealed that Red Star’s systematic failure to pay players’ wages have brought him to the verge of being evicted from his Belgrade apartment

Red Star, endebted for 22,3 million euros, are going through the most severe (in fact, the first) crisis in their illustrious history, which includes a European Cup and a World Club Cup wins in early nineties

“We give some money to our young teammates on a daily basis so that they can eat,” claims Sisic

“The landlord came to me last week and told me I had to pay my outstanding rent or pack my things and leave If Red Star cannot afford to pay me what I owe for the rent, let alone the wages, then I’ll have to go back to Slovenia and live with my parents”

The player of Bosnian-Moslem origins has even compared the top Serb club with the Titanic

“I cannot believe that a club with Red Star’s status could have allowed this to happen It’s like being on board of the Titanic”

Red Star used to be the Serb sporting flagship and enjoyed strong political support before the democracy (of sorts) and market principles came to the Balkans country at the start of the millennium

It seems that their city rivals Partizan have adapted much better to the new climate, as they are on the verge of winning another domestic League title in soccer, whereas in basketball, the other big Serb sport, their domination has been unquestioned for years

In fact, Red Star’s directors fear the FA will not issue their licence for the next season on account of their huge debt In case the funds are not raised over the next couple of weeks, the club may well be declared bankrupt and go into administration, which according to the Serb legislation would entail their relegation to the Fourth division


Depressed Adriano temporarily retires


Brazil’s international forward Adriano Leite has announced his temporary retirement from soccer until he feels well enough, according to the sports daily Lancenet

Inter Milan’s player has been depressed and apathetic ever since his father died two years ago and has been a shadow of his former “imperial” self The alleged break-up with his girlfriend Joana may have added insult to injury, leaving Adriano incapable of handling the pressure of professional soccer in Italy, of all places

The robust centre-forward has even rejected the idea of joining a Brazilian team, which he did in the second half of 2008, when he played for Sao Paulo This time, his state of mind has reached new lows, leading him to quit soccer altogether, at least for a while

“I was not happy in Italy, and I am happy in Brazil, in the company of my friends and relatives,” said Adriano in one of his rare appearances in the media


After the South American Qualifiers game held last April 1, Adriano didn’t return to Italy, but instead returned to his family in Rio de Janeiro His coach at Inter, Jose Mourinho, apparently understands the turmoils Adriano is in

“I think that the fans should not be angry at him The most important thing now is for Adriano to be happy We may lose a soccer player, but not a person,” said the Portuguese



Manchester United still tops Forbes rich list

The business magazine Forbes has published its new list of the most valuable soccer clubs in the world showing yet again the astounding domination of English soccer in the financial matters No less than nine English clubs have made the top-25, including Newcastle United (19th), which may well be relegated this season in spite of their estimated wealth of 217 million euros

Real Madrid, Bayern, Milan and Barcelona are the strongest rival for the English contingent, Barça being one of the most-revalorized club over the last year (by 22%) As far as the revalorization is concerned, no-one has made such progress as Manchester City, whose value has soared by 62%, notably thanks to the investments made by their new owners, sheikhs of Abu Dhabi


Becks keeps on attracting the most cash


The Forbes has also listed the best paid soccer players in 2008 and David Beckham suitably tops that list just as his former club Manchester United is perched on top of the clubs’ rankings. Most of Becks’ earnings came from endorsement deals, almost a third of 35 million euros.

Full ten million euros behind Beckham is his teammate at Milan, Ronaldinho, who also owes his earning power to his past soccer achievements. The world’s top performer, Cristiano Ronaldo, lies far behind Beckham, but at 24 he can still hope for many, many more lucrative years, even when he’s well past his prime, as his colleague’s examples show.



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