$17 million paid out in Microgaming Ligaz11 Jackpots!!

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Microgaming Jackpot Network Portal’s $17 Million Jackpot Payout Shatters World Records


Microgaming has announced that Jackpot Madness, the Microgaming Jackpot Network portal (www.jackpotmadness.com), has exceeded a record-breaking $17,000,000 in total jackpot payouts. This exclusive milestone firmly establishes Jackpot Madness as the world’s number one online jackpot destination.


The portal features 5 progressive slots games, the oldest and most popular being Cash Splash. Introduced in October 1998, Cash Splash is a three-reel, three-coin single-line progressive slot machine connected to numerous casinos using the company’s proprietary software. The game’s popularity has grown rapidly in two years and is now available at more than 50 online casinos. Two additional progressive games, “Wowpot,” another three-reel, three-coin, single-line progressive slot and “Lotsaloot,” a three-reel, three-coin, five-line progressive slot game, were added last April. These were followed in August by two more games: “Supajax,” a video poker progressive and “Fruit Fiesta,” a three-reel, three-coin, three-line progressive slot. With thousands of people playing simultaneously across the entire Microgaming Jackpot Network, massive progressive jackpots are won on a daily basis.


The site keeps a running real-time jackpot counter for inquiring gamers, as well as links to Ligaz11 casinos offering Microgaming’s progressive games. It also features a casino search page where players can select a casino based upon their favorite jackpot game, current jackpot values or the price of placing a jackpot-enabled bet. Winner interviews are also featured on the site, as well as details about how much money has been won during the month as well as the total Jackpot Madness money paid.


A total of 580 lucky winners have shared in the $17,000,000 jackpot bonanza. The landmark win that pushed Jackpot Madness over the $17 million point was a $20,625.06 jackpot won by Patricia M. at The River Belle Casino December 16.


More than 55 players hit super jackpots in November alone, breaking all previously-held monthly payout records and totaling nearly 2 million dollars. December guarantees to be another exceptional month, with more than $1 million paid out in the first half of the month week already.

“ As anticipated, Jackpotmadness.com is hugely successful and drawing vast numbers of players to the over 60 casinos connected to the portal.” said Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems. “With over $16,000,000 in jackpot payouts in a relatively short period of time, the popularity of the site has exceeded all of our expectations.”

About Microgaming Systems:

Microgaming Systems (www.microgaming.com) is the leading developer of online casino systems and the developer of a majority of the Internet’s most popular casinos. The company provides some of the most sophisticated security technology and fraud control tracking of any e-commerce site and is fast becoming the industry pace-setter in enabling technology for security, marketing and large scale e-commerce trade. Microgaming Systems is also a founding member of the Interactive Gaming Council, an industry self-regulatory body.

For more information, please contact: Lisa Wycherley, Senior VP of Operations at Microgaming Systems.




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