Top scientific tourist attractions UK

6 Top Scientific Tourist Attractions In UK

Science enthusiasts spend their time trying to discover new things and finding out more about nature and the world around them. They are inclined to scientific topics and anything that revolves around science. In the UK, there are some scientific attraction sites that are just exemplary. Many tourists visit the country just to have a spectacular view of these fascinating attractions. Have a look.

Science Museum  

The Science Museum in the UK covers various interesting things ranging from space exploration to global transformations in communication. This has continued to attract millions of tourists in the UK thus earning the country a lot of revenue. To add on, a new library and research centre has been opened at the museum. This enables tourists to read and learn a lot about science. Plans are underway to set up a gallery dedicated to Mathematics. It will help to bring Maths to life.

The London Eye  

The London Eye is the biggest observation wheel not only in the UK but also the entirity of Europe. It is evidence for the most sophisticated and advanced scientific developments that ever took place in UK. It was built to mark Millennium celebrations in London in the year 2000. The structure features glass capsules which provide you with an outstanding view of London city. It also enables you to take a circular tour that extends to 443ft above the river Thames. This takes a duration of about 30 minutes. Sadly you may spend some pretty good amounts of time in the cue waiting for your turn to commence the tour.

Kew Gardens  

Kew Gardens is also referred to as the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is located in Southwest London on the south bank of the Thames. It features water jetting out of an amazing fountain with beautiful plants in the garden. This makes you appreciate science as you try to find out the mechanism behind the water jetting out into the reservoir whose level remains constant. The fascinating plants will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. The garden was established in 1759. It later became government property in 1841.

The two tates: Tate Britain And Tate Modern  

These amazing structures will make you appreciate the role of science and technology in building and construction. In addition, the two sites contain some of the best art collections in the world. Moreover, a superb modern power station was established across the river Thames. It is also one of the best scientific attractions in the UK. Besides, the two tates are connected by high speed ferry. This enables fast and easy transportation of people from one location to another.

The Library Of Birmingham  

The library of Birmingham is one of the most popular scientific attractions in UK. Its architecture alone is spectacular. The building was designed by architect Francine Houben. It was officially opened in September 2013. The library hosts rare books and photos on science and other subjects. It is therefore a good place to visit if you really want to learn more about science.

Southbank Centre  

The Southbank centre is one of the best scientific attractions in UK. It was set up in 1951 for the festival of Britain. It occupies about 21 acres of land. It has other tourist attraction sites like Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room, Hayward Gallery and many more. The centre also features programming ranges from classic, jazz and other types of music. It is really a nice place to go.

In conclusion, there are numerous scientific attraction sites in UK. The above are just but a few that are very popular especially among people who love science and its application especially in construction. Science is also featured in plant growth and as well as the mechanism in which various tourist attraction features work e.g. a water fountain.