Privacy Policy

You are always more than welcome to visit the website, which if you have not already found out is a blog related website that id dedicated to all things scientific and cultural. Below you will find the entire privacy policy which we have in place on this blogging site and we would like you to read through it and familiarize yourself with it.

Cookies –To help improve the level of service we offer you and all other website visitors we will be using cookies throughout this website. That means that by visiting our site you agree to have a cookie placed onto your computer or mobile device, however you can of course remove that cookie at any time of your own choosing, both easily and also instantly.

Third Party Websites – Third party websites will be mention on this site and we may even offer you direct links into those sites form ours, however at no time can we be held in any way responsible for any content that is found or displayed on any third party website.

Information We Gather – If at any time you choose to sign up to this website to make posts or comments or you sign up to our newsletter than you will be required to supply us with some basic personal information. The information requested will always be stored securely and will only be used for the purpose you supplied if for.

How We Use Your Information – The aim of us collating date is so that we can improve this website and ensure that the people who are visiting it are able to access the right type of content based on where they live in the world and a range of additional services we may be offering you as you look around the website.