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8 Basic Tips Towards Getting Kids Interested In Science

As kids grow, their interest in Science often begins to diminish. They begin to view Science as a complicated subject whose principles are not easy to be understood. This therefore requires that some measures be put in place to guard against decreasing interest. By so doing, they will continue to love the subject and even become more eager to learn much about it at an advanced stage. Here are tips to make your kid get interested in Science.

Find a suitable science camp

A science camp provides an excellent opportunity for your kid to explore and learn much about science as he interacts with other children. He will be able to learn interesting facts about plants and animals as well as characteristics common in them. Therefore, consider finding a good science camp site in your locality where your kid can visit. This will enhance his interest in the subject.

Use a microscope

There are lots of things about plants and animals that cannot be viewed by our naked eyes. We can only see them with the help of a microscope. Help your kid to see the various cell organelles and other important details that he only hears in class or reads in books. Make it practical. If it is the stomata, let the child know how it looks like. If it is the red blood cell, let him see it through the microscope. His interest in Science will be boosted significantly.

Have them watch science movies

Children love watching movies especially cartoons. You therefore need to maximize on this opportunity by providing them with movies on science topics. For instance, how hydrogen cycle takes place, how breathing occurs, how photosynthesis takes place and many more. This will aid your kid’s understanding on basic science concepts. His interest in the subject will also increase.

Take A Hike

You can take your kids for a hike. They will be able to view beautiful things about nature. They will also discuss various science topics. For instance, photosynthesis, transpiration, habitat, reproduction and many more. They will also take photos of plants and animals. This will enhance their understanding about living things. Subsequently, they will learn to appreciate science.

Taking them through a study of space by observation

There are a lot of things about space that can be learned through observation especially at night. You can teach your kids about various star patterns such as the plough, southern cross, orion, the plough and many more. Tell them more about the moon, how it reflects light, its gravity and many more. They will begin to view such heavenly bodies differently. They will positively begin to relate to them. Subsequently, their interest will be enhanced.

Use your kitchen as a laboratory

There are lots of experiments that you can carry out in the kitchen to help your kid develop interest in science. To begin with, teach him about parts of a flame by making lighting up a candle. Also teach him about processes such as evaporation by boiling water. Your child will begin to wonder where the water disappears to upon getting heated beyond certain temperatures. As you explain, he will be able to understand and become much eager to learn about processes that lead to change of state.

Buy a science kit

It is recommended that you buy a science kit for your kid. The kit contains all the materials required for carrying out experiments. You will then guide him as you take him through various science experiments.

Playing science games

There are numerous science based games today. Encourage your kid to participate in such games. It will help to boost his skills in research. He will also learn much about science and the underlying principles behind it.

In conclusion, you are advised to apply the above tips to enable you kid get interested in Science. This will increase his chances of becoming a great scientist in future.